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With Sellfy you can sell any type of audio files such as drum kits, vocal samples, or loops from anywhere online. Sell the way that works for you.
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If you don’t have a website or a store -  you can build one with Sellfy.
Add your own domain, customise the look and feel so it matches your brand. Sell your products in a way that's authentic to you. Online store, hosting, unlimited products - all is included.

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Sell from your own website if you have one.
Use Sellfy to embed your products, the whole store or just a "buy" button.
A pop up with a checkout will appear and your customers will be able to buy your samples without leaving your site.

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Sell to your subscribers directly from your website, social media accounts, blog, or anywhere else you can think of. The sky’s the limit.

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With Sellfy, you get everything you need from an eCommerce platform—automated file delivery, top-notch sample security, premium support, and so much more.

Sellfy stores are fully customizable and come with many features, app integrations, and marketing tools. File delivery is automatic and payments are instant. No need to manually send samples to your customers! Sellfy also stands out for its ease of use as well as industry-standard secure cloud hosting.

Should you ever have any issues or concerns, feel free to reach out to our excellent support team or browse Sellfy’s Help Center for answers. We’re always here to help!

For world class producers and upcoming stars

Sellfy is great for beginners and is a go-to choice for even world class producers.

No matter where you start with Sellfy you can spend less time worrying about technical hassles and more time on your music.

Make passive income from your own unique samples and your own unique style. Sell on SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook or your own website.

How to start selling samples?

To start all you need are few dedicated fans and a good product. We’ll take care of all the techy stuff.
Here’s what you need to do:

1. Create your Sellfy account.
2. Upload your samples or drum kits and write product descriptions for each product.
3. Add information on payments so you get paid whenever you sell a product.
4. Share your store and products on social media and your website.

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Why we're the best for producers?

Built-In Email Marketing
Our platform has an inbuilt email marketing set up to allow you and your followers to keep in constant contact. Market to anyone, let your previous customers know of upcoming sales, and make sure your store updates are being heard.
Instant Payouts
No more waiting for your money after you have sold a sample. With Sellfy, you’ll get instant payouts anytime you sell a sample when using Stripe or PayPal.
Sellfy’s discount feature allows you to run promotional sales and coupons without giving you a headache. All you have to do is write up the discount information and let the promotion run!
Unlimited Products, Bandwidth, Storage
Don’t worry about the size of your sample files. We allow you to list all the samples you want in your store. We also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth so that the file sizes don’t matter when they are being stored and downloaded.
Sellfy stores have tons of customization features that allow you to use all of the colors, logos, and artwork that make your brand what it is. You can make it as unique as your samples!
When a specific product is added to the cart, Sellfy has upsell features that you can customize to offer your buyers certain products. This feature will help you make even more sales!
A platform you can trust
Over 57,000 successful creators have used Sellfy to host, market, and sell various products (such as samples) to millions of customers worldwide.
Sellfy creators have generated a total of $87+ million in revenue selling from their online stores to countless fans all over the world.
A decade in business
We’ve been around for 10 years, helping talented creators like you turn their hobbies, side hustles, and dreams into full-time businesses.
400,000+ products have been sold to a global audience by Sellfy creators. Open your eCommerce store today and start earning passive income!
More than $100,000,000 paid to sellers just like you

Empty Vessels


The team is responsive to problems if they (infrequently) occur and are open to suggestions for feature requests. Digital content creators who don't want to dig deep into web design should definitely check it out.

James Gurney


Sellfy offers useful tools for any visual artist, digital or traditional, who wants to market their own tutorials. You can sell any kind of digital product, not just video files, but also images, digital books, PDFs, or audio files.

Silent Underground

‍Online recording studio

Sellfy helped me grow my business from a part-time hobby to a full-time business that could support myself and my family.

How does my customer get the sample file?
Your customers will get an auto-generated download link with five download attempts after purchasing on-site. Alternatively, customers can also download your samples through a download link that they receive in their email. Plus, there’s a possibility for you to manually enable either downloading or streaming (or both) of your samples.
What is the maximum sample file size?
Files up to 10 GB can be uploaded to your Sellfy store! But, we recommend that you keep your sample sizes below 5 GB so that your customers can download them without any issues. There’s also no limit to the number of samples you can sell in your online store.
Are my samples and beats safe from piracy?
We'll do our best to protect them! All your samples and beats are hosted on a secure Amazon cloud server—an industry standard. Your files are protected by download attempt limits and we keep all records of download attempts for your reference.
How do I limit the number of sample downloads?
Customers get auto-generated links with five download attempts after purchasing, so you don’t have to manually limit the number of download attempts for your samples (Sellfy automatically does that for you). You can also manually restrict downloads for certain orders in your store as well as make samples password protected.
Can you make money selling sample packs?
Absolutely! All you need is an audience and an easy-to-use eCommerce store like Sellfy. The best part about having a Sellfy store is that it comes with built-in marketing tools to help you promote your samples. Once you’ve signed up and uploaded your files, you can start selling online immediately!
How much does it cost to sell beats on Sellfy?
It depends on your Sellfy subscription. You can sell beats on any paid Sellfy plan, but the most affordable and popular ones are the Yearly Starter ($19/month), Business ($39/month), and Premium ($89/month) plans. Whichever you select, you can sell as many beats as you want—bandwidth is unlimited!

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