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Sellfy is a perfect solution for everyone who hates complicated setups. Get your trading signal store up and running in less than 10 minutes.
Create a new store

Create your new store

Don’t know anything about web design? No problem.With Sellfy you don’t need to be tech-savvy to build a beautiful online store. Customize the colors and layout to match your brand and you’re ready to sell. Forget about product limits, transaction fees, or hosting—we'll take care of everything.

Sell from Existing Website

Sell from existing website

Embed “buy now” buttons, or even the whole store to your own website. It doesn’t matter what it’s built on, just copy-paste a code snippet to your editor and it’s done. Click, click, sell!

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Marketing tools

Promote your store with Sellfy’s built-in marketing tools! Get more sales with Sellfy’s upselling features. Add time-sensitive discounts, use the advantage of pay-what-you-want pricing, or run a seasonal sale.

Great apps

Get the most out of your shop with our external app integrations. Add Facebook and Twitter pixels, Webhooks, and Google Analytics. Anything else you may need for your store, you’ll find on Zapier.

Everything you need in one tool

We have all the features you need to make the process of selling your trading signals as smooth as possible.
Protect your products with the best-in-class anti-piracy features. Set the download limits for individual orders, use SSL encryption, PDF stamping, and more. You can also view information about each buyer and keep track of download attempts.
Boost customer engagement and increase your revenue by selling subscriptions. All you have to do is update your products on a regular basis. Your customers will get an email with their new download links, and all payments will be collected automatically.
Unlimited products
Forget about paying for adding extra products! Sellfy stores can hold as many products as you’d like to sell.
No transaction fees
Don’t worry about unexpected expenses! Sell your trading signals and pay zero in transaction fees.
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How to start selling Forex trading signals?

Sellfy takes simplicity and ease-of-use to the next level. Even if you’ve never created a website, you'll find Sellfy intuitive and easy to use. Just follow these steps:

1. Sign up for a Sellfy account.
2. Add your products.
3. Promote your store.
4. Start selling.

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The team is responsive to problems if they (infrequently) occur and are open to suggestions for feature requests. Digital content creators who don't want to dig deep into web design should definitely check it out.


Music producer

One of the things I really appreciate about Sellfy is I know exactly where my source of sales traffic is generated (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc). I can track sales on a daily / monthly basis. It also tracks buyers and allows me to reach out directly (through Sellfy’s email tool).

Jack Cronin

Music producer

"With Sellfy, I was able to go from being a hobbyist to having my own business. Sellfy was a huge chunk of my income—about 75%. It really changed my life."

Why do traders sell forex signals?
A trading signal can be anything that alerts a trader to buy or sell an asset. Such signals are created based on technical market analysis. Often trading signals are automated, but in most cases, it just alerts the trader to take action, and then they perform the trade manually.
Is selling forex signals legal?
There is nothing illegal about selling forex or other trading signals. In essence, signals are just projections that are based on fundamental and technical analysis. Therefore, you’re basically selling your suggestions, which is absolutely legal. However, such signals are mostly based on speculations and should be considered as educational materials.
How do I sell my forex signals?
One of the best ways to sell forex signals is through your own website. Sellfy allows you to build a professional-looking online store for your signal without previous experience—all you need is a computer and access to the internet. Sign up for Sellfy and start selling your trading signals today.
Is selling forex signals profitable?
Of course, it is. But it almost entirely depends on your credentials and the quality of your trading signal. If you can really help others make money on forex with your signal, you will most certainly find people who are ready to pay money for what you have to offer.
Can I sell trading signals with Sellfy?
Absolutely. Sellfy is an all-in-one eCommerce solution for selling any type of product—digital, physical, subscriptions, and even print-on-demand merchandise. In under 10 minutes and with almost zero effort, you can build your own Sellfy store for your forex signals and start selling online to your audience all over the world.
Can I make my own forex signals?
You most certainly can, but you need to have at least some experience in forex trading. Creating your own forex signal is all about understanding the right point for trade entry and how and where to exit a trade. However, it does take some time to extensively test your signals.
How do I sell forex signals?
First of all, you’ll have to sign up for Sellfy (you won’t need anything more than an email address). With just a few clicks, you can get access to your own online store where you can start uploading your forex signals and customizing your store to match your brand.
How does my customer get the files?
When your customer purchases your forex signals, they can use either PayPal or Stripe to checkout. Once they’ve paid, they'll be transferred to the download page to get their product as well as an email with the same download link. Each customer will get 5 download attempts to get the file.

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