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With Sellfy you can host and sell any type of videos or films.
Use your existing website or create a new, beautiful online store.

Don't have a website?

With Sellfy you easily create one.
Add your own domain, customise the look and feel so it matches your brand. Sell your videos in a way that's authentic to you. Online store, hosting, unlimited products - all is included.

Already have a website?

Use embed to add your individual videos, your whole video store or just a "buy" button for your products that you want to sell.
A pop up with a checkout will appear and your customers will be able to buy your music without leaving your site.


Make money from your videos today

Yes. It's possible.

Making good videos takes a lot of work. Selling with Sellfy doesn’t.

No matter if you're a world class video producer or freelance videographer who wants to kickstart his own business - you'll love Sellfy.

Focus on creating great content while we do all the technical things in background.

In 10 minutes you can have a fully functional store ready to go. Click, click... go.

How to start selling VOD?

To sell your videos on demand, you don’t have to possess hardcore technical knowledge. Just follow these 4 simples steps and before you know it you’ll be using Sellfy as a VOD platform:

1. Create a Sellfy account
2. Upload your videos and write descriptions for them.
3. Add info on payments, this can be Stripe or PayPal.
4. Market your videos and watch the money roll in

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Why we're the best VOD platform?

Embed Everywhere

You can embed your Sellfy store anywhere, including your website, social media, and YouTube. Don’t let another fan of yours miss the opportunity to buy one of your videos! With our embed features, you can convert them to customers from the get-go.


Unlimited Products, Bandwidth, Storage

There is plenty of room for all of your videos on Sellfy. We won’t ever limit the amount of products that you can list in your store and storage is unlimited. The more videos, the merrier!

Super Fast, Optimized Downloads

Video files are large, but you won’t have to worry about super slow downloads with Sellfy. In fact, downloads on Sellfy are optimized downloads so your buyers won’t have to wait around forever.



On Sellfy, you can change your store’s colors, logo, and artwork, so you have complete customization. We want to make sure your store will fit your brand and videos.


Instant Payouts

We don’t want you to wait around for your money. That’s why we offer instant payouts with Stripe or PayPal. No more waiting days after sales to put money in your pocket!

Intuitive Interface

With Sellfy, you don’t have to worry about not understanding anything. Our interface is very user-friendly so you know what you are doing throughout the whole process. We made sure that selling your videos on demand wouldn’t be a hard nut to crack.


More than $50,000,000 paid to sellers just like you

Really satisfied with the whole store, customisation abilities and really fast check outs. The added upsell and discount coupons helps to boost even more the sales!

Mauro's films
Visual storyteller

Sellfy offers useful tools for any visual artist, digital or traditional, who wants to market their own tutorials. You can sell any kind of digital product, not just video files, but also images, digital books, PDFs, or audio files.

James Gurney

The sales pages for each product on Sellfy are excellent! It's very easy to create a product here without a website and linking the sale page in a YouTube video, Facebook post, etc.

Bejamin (IWLTBAP)

Don't Sit on Your Ideas. Sell Them.

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