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Add your own domain, customise the look and feel so it matches your brand. Sell your videos in a way that's authentic to you. Online store, hosting, unlimited products - all is included.

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Use embed to add your individual videos, your whole video store or just a "buy" button for your products that you want to sell.
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Sell to your subscribers directly from your website, social media accounts, blog, or anywhere else you can think of. The sky’s the limit.

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Making good videos takes a lot of work. Selling with Sellfy doesn’t.

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How to start selling VOD?

To sell your videos on demand, you don’t have to possess hardcore technical knowledge. Just follow these 4 simples steps:

1. Create a Sellfy account
2. Upload your videos and write descriptions for them.
3. Add info on payments, this can be Stripe or PayPal.
4. Market your videos and watch the money roll in

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Why we're the best VOD platform?

Intuitive user interface
A clean and intuitive user interface is a must for any video on demand store. With Sellfy, you get an online store that isn’t just stunning, but also mobile responsive on all devices. Sellfy is easily one of the most beginner-friendly solutions out there that requires zero technical skills!
Payouts at the speed of light
What really makes our platform stand out among other alternatives is that we give you instant access to your earnings. Most eCommerce platforms will make you wait around for your money for at least a month or more, but we won’t. We pay you the minute you’ve made a sale.
All video file formats supported
If you want to upload the videos you’ve created without any issues, you’ll love Sellfy! The chances of an “invalid file format” error popping up are near to impossible as we support all types of video formats: AVI, Adobe Flash, MPEG, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WebM, and much more.
Downloadable & streamable files
Sellfy is an easy-to-use eCommerce solution that comes with all kinds of additional perks and features. For instance, you can choose whether you want to make your videos downloadable or streamable (or both) for your customers. Plus, download links are auto-generated by Sellfy!
Unlimited bandwidth & storage
Got large video files? No worries! You can upload files as large as 10 GB to your online store. Bandwidth and storage are unlimited for all of your products. And, if some files exceed 10 GB, you can simply compress and then upload them to your store. The more videos, the merrier!
Embed videos anywhere on the web
You can embed your video on demand store anywhere, including your website, social media, or YouTube. Don’t let another fan of yours miss the opportunity to buy one of your amazing videos! With Sellfy’s embed feature, you can easily convert them to customers in no time.
A platform you can trust
Over the years, we’ve had as many as 57K+ successful creators use Sellfy to launch and sell their products (like video on demand) online.
With the power of our eCommerce solution, Sellfy creators have managed to generate a total of $130+ million in revenue selling products to fans.
Capterra rating
4.6/5 stars
The world’s leading software review platform, Capterra, has given Sellfy a 4.6/5 stars rating for its ease of use and incredible customer service.
As many as 400K+ products have been sold by Sellfy creators worldwide. Open your own online video-on-demand store and start selling today!
More than $100,000,000 paid to sellers just like you

Boscorelli Art

3D Model seller

Sellfy is easy to use, logical and quick. The constant upgrades and efforts to make this platform better are what really convince me. Sellfy more or less offered everything I needed while other platforms didn't.

Holger Wurst


I was surprised by how fast and easy it was to start my business with Sellfy. Now I can focus completely on the creation of new and beautiful products, expanding my range of goods, and giving support to my customers but leave the financial and delivery part to Sellfy.

David Killingsworth


"I’ve used Sellfy for over a year now and couldn’t be happier!!! It sounds cliché, but Sellfy really is helping make my dreams come true. I’ve been able to hit every goal I set and there’s absolutely no way I would’ve been able to do it without Sellfy and the team behind it."

Market your video on demand

Email marketing
Create video-on-demand products and promote them online from the comfort of your home with our powerful email marketing tool! Increase fan engagement by sending out emails about product launches, store updates, upcoming campaigns, special deals, and other important news. Or, target subscribers based on their preferences and purchase history.
Coupons & discounts
With Sellfy’s discounts and coupons, you can run promotional campaigns and sales as well as discount your prices on specific video-on-demand files. You can also attract new customers by running free giveaways or creating a sense of urgency with countdown timers that you can keep track of—whatever works for you!
Product upselling & cross-selling
Use Sellfy’s powerful upselling and cross-selling feature to increase average video-on-demand purchase value in your store. With this tool, you can offer special deals on complementary products and push the offer with a customizable pop-up message that appears when your customers add related items to the shopping cart.
Cart abandonment
Say goodbye to missed sales! Recover abandoned carts by encouraging order completion with attractive custom emails and follow-up reminders. Prevent cart abandonment by offering exclusive deals on video-on-demand products in customers’ shopping carts. You can also use the tool to analyze abandoned cart data and learn about your customers’ behavior.
How does my customer get the video-on-demand file?
Your customers will receive a unique download link for the video-on-demand file in their personal email or on-site after purchasing. Download links are automatically generated by Sellfy (you don’t have to manually do anything) and come with up to five download attempts to prevent piracy and ensure your file security.
What is the maximum video-on-demand file size?
The maximum file size is 10 GB for video on demand. Plus, storage is unlimited—you can sell as many video-on-demand products as you want. But, just to make sure that your customers can download your files without any issues, we suggest that you keep your file sizes below 5 GB.
Are my video-on-demand files safe from piracy?
Yes. We host your files on a secure Amazon cloud server, which is an industry-standard. We also keep all records of downloads attempts for your reference and limit the number of download attempts for each file. To protect everyone’s data, we comply with the GDPR and use SSL encryption.
What payment methods are there?
We accept payments in multiple currencies and have various payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, credit or debit cards, wallets (or any other means based on the country your customers are located in). With Sellfy, you also get instant payouts—no waiting around to get paid—and advanced VAT and tax settings!
How can I make money selling videos?
To start selling videos, all you need is a follower base and an easy-to-use eCommerce solution like Sellfy. With a Sellfy store, you’ll get powerful built-in marketing tools to help you market your video-on-demand products and grow your business. Sign up today, upload your files, and start selling online!
How do I make a video-on-demand website?
Not only is it possible to embed a Sellfy store on an existing website, but you can also use it as your main video on demand website! No complicated setups or coding. Just pick a Sellfy plan, upload your files, and customize your store to make it look professional and match your brand.

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