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How to open your food delivery business with Sellfy?

1. Sign up for Sellfy

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2. Add your food products or delivery services

Don’t let your customers stay hungry. Add all your delicious food products or delivery services to your store and don’t worry about bandwidth.

3. Polish your storefront

Use our awesome customizer tool to make your whole food store look so tasty, your customers can’t wait to order and have a bite.

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Launch your food delivery business

The best eCommerce platform for food delivery

What makes a good eCommerce platform?

Full customization functionality and a mobile-friendly storefront that looks awesome on any device. Sellfy’s got all that. Use our editor to customize and design your layout. Match it with your food delivery business.

Make the design as enticing as the smell of your favorite food.

Copy-paste our genius embed code

Do you already happen to have a foodie blog or website?

Use our code snippet and copy-paste it anywhere. Create a “buy now” button or add a shopping cart. Whether you sell sweet cupcakes or spicy ramen noodles, attract customers and sell more onsite.

What’s more, our pop-up will ensure food lovers can order without leaving your site.

Receive premium support

Need a helping hand?

Sellfy’s support team is ready to come to the rescue at any time. We won’t ever leave you high and dry.

We’ll be right here for you and your food business. Contact us when you need a solution. No headaches, no hassles. Get help fast and relax while we work on a fix.

Earn with your food delivery

Maximize sales with built-in marketing tools

Be ahead of the game with Sellfy’s marketing tool stack.

Don’t let the competition beat you—beat them first with our exclusive email marketing feature, discounts, upselling, cross-selling, and so much more.

Take full advantage of using Sellfy.

Get paid immediately

No commissions. No extra fees. Just instant payments.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. We offer instant payouts with Stripe or PayPal. No more waiting days to receive money in your pocket.

Sign up with Sellfy, start selling and earning the money you deserve for the hard work you’ve put into your food delivery business.

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Sorelle Amore

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