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How to create your store with Sellfy?

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Add your single product

Whether it’s a single product, or a few products, you can list anything and everything in your store. Storage is unlimited—expanding your product line won’t be a problem.

Customize your storefront

If you want a store that looks one-of-a-kind and matches the visual identity of your single product, then Sellfy is the perfect solution. Change the design with our customizer.

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Launch your single product eCommerce business

Use Sellfy’s simple code snippet on your site

Use our embed feature to add your single product with a “buy now” button or shopping cart to an existing blog or website.

This code snippet is one of our most useful features that hundreds and thousands of sellers have benefited from. What’s great about this is that a pop-up at checkout will ensure that your customers can buy without leaving your site.

Perfect for any type of single product

Whatever you want to sell—stickers, a special type of scented candle or accessory, clothing, or a painting—Sellfy has every tool you need to sell in a way that works for you.

What’s more, you can always upgrade your business from a single product one to a brand with a wide range of products

Receive premium support

With Sellfy, you won’t have to go a day without a solution.

Sellfy’s support team has got your back at any time—ready to fix all issues and help you out for as long as you need.

With quality hosting, marketing, and unlimited storage, you also get quality support.

Earn a fortune with your single product

Boost sales with built-in marketing tools

Selling a single product means targeting a certain niche market. That also means you need a powerful marketing strategy to sell to that specific audience and beat your competition. Luckily for you, using Sellfy means you get exclusive access to our built-in marketing tool stack to help boost your sales to the max.We have email marketing, a mail list function, discount options—you name it.

Grab that money

Don’t want to wait around for payments?Don’t worry, you don’t have to. Sellfy has made the payment process as quick and as easy as possible. You’ll receive payouts literally moments after a sale. You really don’t have to count days and nights until you get paid.Sell easily. Get paid easily. No complexities. That’s why we’re the best eCommerce platform for a single product.

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Here's what our creators have to say about their experience with Sellfy

Mauro's films

‍Visual storyteller

Really satisfied with the whole store, customization abilities, and really fast check-outs. The added upsell and discount coupons help to boost even more sales!

Holger Wurst


I was surprised by how fast and easy it was to start my business with Sellfy. Now I can focus completely on the creation of new and beautiful products, expanding my range of goods, and giving support to my customers but leave the financial and delivery part to Sellfy.


Music producer

One of the things I really appreciate about Sellfy is I know exactly where my source of sales traffic is generated (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc). I can track sales on a daily / monthly basis. It also tracks buyers and allows me to reach out directly (through Sellfy’s email tool).

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