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How to sell logos on Sellfy?

Thousands of designers are making an income by selling their logo designs online you could be one of them.

There will always be a need for good logo designs. Businesses are popping up every day and not everyone has a knack for designing! So, if you have a talent for creating awesome logos, why not start making money from it?

Many designers are using Sellfy to sell their logo designs. Our platform is perfect for digital products like logos so we have all the necessary features. Let us take care of your online store so you can focus on what matters the most – designing those awesome logos.

Make money from your logo design today

To sell logo design on Sellfy, all you have to do is sign up! It will only take 5 minutes to get your store up and running. From there, you can start to share and embed your store and products on social media accounts and your website.

Once you have the word out on the logo designs are that you're selling, our platform will take care of all other logistics. For starters, you won’t have to worry about the number of logo designs you can sell. The number of products in your store isn’t limited.

Sellfy will also make selling your logo designs easy by offering unlimited storage and bandwidth. Any large files you are selling won’t be a problem for our platform. Take advantage of these features plus many more to start making a living off of your logo designs on Sellfy!

How to start selling logo design?

To sell your logos you don’t necessarily need to know all that there is to know about creating an online store. There are only 4 steps for you to follow:

1. Sign up on Sellfy.
2. Start adding your logo designs and write product descriptions.
3. To get paid to add  information on payments. (PayPal & Stripe)
4. Embed your Sellfy store anywhere you have followers including social media and your website.

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Why we're the best for designers?

Customize your store to match your branding by changing its colors, logo, and artwork. We know you want your store to look as good and as fascinating as your logo designs, so we offer you the opportunity for unlimited customization.
Instant Payouts
Sellfy doesn’t make you wait to receive your money after you make a sale like other websites do. You can use PayPal or Stripe to get instant payouts after selling a logo design.
Run a promotional discount without having to monitor it every second of every day. Sellfy has a discount feature where all you have to do is enter the information on your sale or coupon and watch the sales come in.
SEO Optimized Stores
Take advantage of our domain strength and get your store ranked higher in Google searches. Sellfy also allows you to write Meta titles and long product descriptions for all of your products.
Super Fast, Optimized Downloads
Logo files can take a while to download, but not on Sellfy. We have super fast, optimized downloads so your logos are in your buyers’ hands faster.
Unlimited Products, Bandwidth, Storage
Don’t limit your creativity. We don’t! Sellfy offers unlimited products, bandwidth, and storage so anything you can create is sellable. No more worrying about product limits and large file sizes like on other websites.
A platform you can trust
Here's what other sellers say about Sellfy

Silent Underground

‍Online recording studio

Sellfy helped me grow my business from a part-time hobby to a full-time business that could support myself and my family.



For FGD Sellfy is everything! We have all our assets exclusive here nowhere else. This helps us to keep everything in the same place and not spread around the web, Sellfy provides all the services we need!

Mauro's films

‍Visual storyteller

Really satisfied with the whole store, customization abilities, and really fast check-outs. The added upsell and discount coupons help to boost even more sales!


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