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How to create your art store with Sellfy?

1. Sign up for Sellfy

Sign up, add payment info and pick the Sellfy membership plan that best suits your art business needs. Quick and painless, takes less than 10 minutes.

2. Add your artwork

Whether it’s paintings, wallpapers, accessories, or digital art—you can sell anything on Sellfy. Just add your artwork, set your prices, and start selling.

3. Customize your art store

Aesthetics matter to any artist. Use our easy built-in editor to customize the colors, buttons and the layout, and make your store look as unique as your art.

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Earn money from your art

Fully customizable eCommerce for artists

Vibrant or monochrome?

You probably know exactly how you want to design your art store. We don’t, but we’ll give you the perfect eCommerce tools to make your store look like paint on canvas.

Use our customizer to polish your store’s appearance. No coding or technical knowledge needed.

Easily embed our code snippet

Why not turn your website or blog into an art selling machine?

Just copy-paste a simple snippet of code to add your products, a “buy now” button or a shopping cart, and enjoy the benefits of a fully functional eCommerce store.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Perfect for any type of art

For more than 8 years, artists and creators have been using Sellfy to sell their products in visually stunning art stores.

From comics to coloring books—we won’t ever limit the amount of products you have in your store. Storage is as unlimited as your knack for creativity.

Launch your business today with the best eCommerce platform for artists.

Launch your art business

Ramp up sales with built-in marketing tools

Take your art business to the next level with Sellfy's built-in marketing tools.

Get exclusive access to customer contact info with our amazing email marketing feature. Send out newsletters, announce store updates and give your customers a heads-up about upcoming art products.

Sellfy gives you an art store, marketing and hosting — all in one place.

Money in your wallet pronto

You’ve worked day and night to create art. Why wait day and night to get paid?

With Sellfy, you’ll get instant payouts with Stripe or PayPal. No more commissions, unnecessary fees or waiting days to receive money in your pocket.

Get your funds the minute your artwork is purchased.

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Here's what our creators have to say about their experience with Sellfy

Silent Underground

‍Online recording studio

Sellfy helped me grow my business from a part-time hobby to a full-time business that could support myself and my family.

Mauro's films

‍Visual storyteller

Really satisfied with the whole store, customization abilities, and really fast check-outs. The added upsell and discount coupons help to boost even more sales!

Empty Vessels


The team is responsive to problems if they (infrequently) occur and are open to suggestions for feature requests. Digital content creators who don't want to dig deep into web design should definitely check it out.

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