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Create a store

Building a personal brand is so much easier (and more efficient) if it’s based around an independent online store. It won’t take you more than a few minutes to create a beautiful store for your stickers on Sellfy. Customize the layout and colors to match your brand, add your first products, and you’re ready to go. Forget about product limits, transaction fees, or hosting—we’ve taken care of everything.

Sell from your website

More people than ever are now using stickers to personalize their jackets, backpacks, laptops, or phone cases. With the rise of social media, people are desperate to stand out in every way possible. Luckily, Sellfy makes selling online easy and accessible to anyone, anywhere. It means that you’ll be able to easily sell on any popular social media platform, your own website, or personal blog 100% hassle-free.

Everything you need to start a store

Payment options

Getting paid for selling your stickers should be effortless. With PayPal and Stripe integration, you’ll be able to easily accept payments directly from your customers worldwide.

Premium support

Sellfy’s dedicated support team is always here to help you out with any questions or problems you may have along the way.

Beautiful store

Sellfy’s store customization doesn’t require any technical experience at all. With our visual editor, you can easily match the look of your store to fit your personal brand.

Zero learning curve

Nobody likes complicated set-ups. That’s why there’s nothing complicated about building a store with Sellfy—anyone can do it!

Build your way to the top

Promotional tools

Sticking to your marketing strategy plays a crucial part in scaling your business. Luckily, Sellfy doesn’t just give you the tools needed to start your own business, but also to make it grow. Our perfect set of built-in marketing tools can help you create and run your marketing campaigns. Boost your sales with discounts, use the pay-what-you-want pricing feature to let customers decide how much they want to pay for your stickers, harness the great power of our built-in email marketing tool and so much more.

Useful apps

You can make the selling process even smoother with our third-party app integration. Aside from built-in apps like Patreon, Webhooks, and FB pixel, Sellfy also has a Zapier integration that gives you access to 750+ other apps.

Why sell stickers now?

Your customers are at the tip of your fingers

Millions of people around the world are browsing through social media in search of inspiration. It’s easier than ever to get new customers, you just have to hang out wherever they are.

eCommerce is growing

Online retail sales grew by as much as 16% last year—more and more people prefer online shopping to brick-and-mortar stores.

Save your time

Stickers are fun and a great way to make money. Plus, designing stickers asks for much less time than any other art project.

Start selling today

Sell your stickers 100% hassle-free! With Sellfy, you can create a store and start selling within minutes.

How to start selling stickers?

Follow these four easy steps and start selling your stickers today:

1. Sign up for a Sellfy account
2. Customize the store
3. Add basic payment information
4. Market your store

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More than $50,000,000 paid to sellers just like you

Sellfy made selling online extremely easy and straightforward, there’s no hassle and your products take literally minutes to set up. With impressive sales and very reasonable fees, I’ve had nothing but good fortune with them.

Anthony James

Sellfy offers useful tools for any visual artist, digital or traditional, who wants to market their own tutorials. You can sell any kind of digital product, not just video files, but also images, digital books, PDFs, or audio files.

James Gurney

I went with Sellfy because all of my friends spoke of Sellfy really highly. It was easy for me to understand and easy to work with. I love their service.

Sorelle Amore

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