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If you have always dreamed about having your own magazine, then there’s no better time to start than now!

Many publishers have built their stores on Sellfy to sell their magazines online. We have magazine sellers in a wide variety of niches ranging from fashion to music to very specific sports. And we want you to start as well.

When the inspiration hits you we don't want technical struggles holding you back. That's why Sellfy has dozens of features that make selling your digital magazines so much easier than trying to get noticed by a national publication. Take charge and earn an income creating the content you love!

With Sellfy you can sell magazines as individual issues or as subscriptions.

After your store is ready, you can choose to link to your products hosted on Sellfy ( or to embed them on your own site.

Sellfy platform takes care of all the details of opening an online store. Our platform is super intuitive and only takes 5 minutes to set up.

That said, once you’re ready, you will be able to take advantage of our premium features like built-in email marketing, custom discounts and even upselling (works like magic) to help you sell as many digital magazines as you can.

If you want to sell your own digital magazines online, you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects of creating a store. There are only four simple steps to starting your own online store:

1. Start a Sellfy account.
2. Upload each issue of your magazine and write their descriptions.
3. Include your information to get paid.
4. Embed your store and products on your website and social media channels.

Why Sellfy is the best solution for digital magazines?

Embed anywhere

You can embed your store anywhere your customers are including your website, Youtube, and Instagram. Make sure every potential customer can see the great content you are creating!.


Email marketing

So you don’t have to purchase expensive third-party software, we have email marketing features built into our platform. From Sellfy, you can send out announcements and newsletters as part of your marketing campaigns.

Instant payouts

After you sell your magazine online, with Sellfy, you can get instant payouts. You won’t ever have to wait to receive your money when you use PayPal or Stripe.

Unlimited products

Sellfy doesn’t limit the number of products you can list. This means you can create as many issues of your magazine that you want without having to worry about having enough space! There is no limit to your creativity.


Set your subscription price timeframe

With Sellfy, you can set your magazine’s subscription price to a certain time frame. You will be able to offer subscription discounts, coupons, and more to entice customers to subscribe.


Intuitive Interface

We offer a super intuitive interface that makes creating your own store easier than ever. Our interface takes care of all the technical details so you won’t have to. All you need to worry about is creating an amazing magazine.


Here's what other sellers say about Sellfy

Sellfy delivered sales of my e-comics the first time and everytime without a hitch.The simplicity and speed with which all the parts of the site came together and it worked the first time.

Curt Shoultz
Digital comic seller

Sellfy offers useful tools for any visual artist, digital or traditional, who wants to market their own tutorials. You can sell any kind of digital product, not just video files, but also images, digital books, PDFs, or audio files.

James Gurney

I went with Sellfy because all of my friends spoke of Sellfy really highly. It was easy for me to understand and easy to work with. I love their service.

Sorelle Amore


With Sellfy you can sell anything that's digital

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