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Why sell clothes now?


Billions of buyers at your fingertips

54% of social media users use social media to check out a product before buying. With 3.2 billion total users, that’s over a billion customers at your fingertips.

Competition is growing

Now that traditional retailers are going out of business, more businesses are turning to the internet to sell clothes. There’s never been a better time to start than now.

It’s easy to sell apparel online

It’s never been easier to sell clothing online. You can create a storefront and start selling with Sellfy in 15 minutes or less.


The online clothing market is growing

Global eCommerce retail sales are expected to hit $4.9 trillion by 2021 as more and more consumers turn to online retail to buy their clothes.

Why sell your clothes with Sellfy?

Made to sell on social media

Sellfy integrates smoothly with social media platforms so that your customers have an amazing experience.

With quick loading times and beautiful designs, Sellfy makes it easy to sell to your customers that come from platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

Built-in marketing features help you sell more

Our built-in marketing features were created to help you increase the average order value and boost your sales.

Whether you want to offer time-sensitive discounts, up-sell products, or let everyone know about your upcoming apparel, Sellfy makes it easy to market without connecting third-party tools.

Brand building made easy

Your brand is essential to your business, which is why we’ve made it easy to build a powerful brand on Sellfy.

Whether you want to change the layout of your store, customize its colors, or add your own domain, it’s simple to create a storefront that is representative of you.

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Here's what others say about Sellfy

Sellfy delivered sales of my e-comics the first time and everytime without a hitch.The simplicity and speed with which all the parts of the site came together and it worked the first time.

Curt Shoultz
Digital comic seller

Sellfy offers useful tools for any visual artist, digital or traditional, who wants to market their own tutorials. You can sell any kind of digital product, not just video files, but also images, digital books, PDFs, or audio files.

James Gurney

I went with Sellfy because all of my friends spoke of Sellfy really highly. It was easy for me to understand and easy to work with. I love their service.

Sorelle Amore


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