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Why sell calendars on Sellfy?

Full store customization

It’s not a secret that one of the components of a successful eCommerce business is an online store with a distinctive design. This is the main reason why we’ve developed our unique Store Customizer so that you can effortlessly create an amazing store design.

You don’t need to have any coding or web design experience, just a computer at hand. Just by gradually going through our easy-to-use Store Customizer, you’ll be able to change every aspect of your Sellfy store—from text color to the shape of “Buy now” buttons. You can also design the layout of your store pages, the number of products per page, and more.

Excellent customer support

We’re here for you whenever you need help or have any questions. With Sellfy, you can always be sure that whatever issues you face, you can get in touch with us and we’ll be ready to solve them at any time! 

We’ve also created Sellfy’s Help Center where you can look for answers to store owner questions on how to get started, print-on-demand merchandise, service updates and changes, account management, adding products, payment collection, features, integrations, embedding, and the Sellfy app. Feel free also to check out our blog for some marketing tips and tricks that will help you grow your business.

Clean checkout and instant payments 

Sellfy offers a smooth checkout process and allows you to accept payments with various methods like Stripe, PayPal, debit or credit cards, wallets, or any other ways based on the country your customers are based in.

With Sellfy, you won’t have to worry about complicated bookkeeping as you get access to customizable invoices, and great tax and VAT settings. Plus, you will get instant access to your earnings right after your customer has made a transaction, so no more waiting around for your money! There are no transaction fees, commissions, or any other hidden costs—you get 100% of what you have earned.

Easy setup, low maintenance

The last few years have proven that demand for digital products (including calendars) has grown tremendously. So, if you're thinking about launching an online store for your calendars or any other type of digital product—now is the right time!

Sellfy is super easy to use. Anybody with a computer and access to the internet can do it. Not only can you easily build a fully customizable storefront with Sellfy, but you also get access to great built-in marketing features and excellent customer support. Don’t have any experience selling online? Choose Sellfy and start selling your calendars in less than 10 minutes!

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Market your calendars

Email marketing

We’ve developed an advanced built-in email marketing tool that allows you to run your own email campaigns without turning to expensive external solutions. Announce newest arrivals and product updates, build excitement about upcoming sales and promotions, send “buy now or miss out” emails, and more—all with fully customizable email templates.


Looking for a way to offer additional products to your customers? With our upselling feature, you can cross-sell on high-value offers, push discounted complementary products, create limited edition offers, and more! A separate customizable upselling window will pop up once your customer adds one of your products to the shopping cart.

Cart abandonment

Sending cart recovery emails has proven to be an effective sales recovery strategy! Sellfy’s cart abandonment tool allows you to create email campaigns that target customers who haven’t completed the purchase. The feature allows you to set a time period for sending emails, offer discounts for the products in the cart, customize the email, and more!

Why sell calendars now?

eCommerce is growing
Global eCommerce retail sales are expected to grow to $4.9 trillion by 2021 as more people start buying online instead of going through traditional retail stores.
Start now
More people are beginning to sell calendars online as eCommerce retail becomes more popular. Start as soon as possible to get ahead of the competition!
Selling calendars online is easy
Not sure how to sell calendars online? No problem! Create a Sellfy store and start selling on social media or your own website in less than 10 minutes.
Your customers are a click away
54% of social media users use social media to research products before they buy. With 3.2 billion total users, that’s over a billion potential customers to connect with.
Here's what others say about Sellfy

Silent Underground

‍Online recording studio

Sellfy helped me grow my business from a part-time hobby to a full-time business that could support myself and my family.

Holger Wurst


I was surprised by how fast and easy it was to start my business with Sellfy. Now I can focus completely on the creation of new and beautiful products, expanding my range of goods, and giving support to my customers but leave the financial and delivery part to Sellfy.

Curt Shoultz

Digital comic seller

Sellfy delivered sales of my e-comics the first time and every time without a hitch. The simplicity and speed with which all the parts of the site came together and it worked the first time.

How can I sell my calendar online?
All you need to start selling your calendars online is to sign up with Sellfy, choose a suitable plan, and spend a few minutes building your store. If you have an existing website, you can embed the whole storefront, a product card, or a “Buy now” button on your website just by copy-pasting a few lines of code.
Are my products safe with Sellfy?
All of your data will always be safe with Sellfy as all your products are hosted on a secure Amazon cloud server. There are automatic download attempt limits and we keep all download logs for your reference. We also comply with the GDPR and use SSL encryption to protect everyone’s data.
How do I limit my product downloads?
After purchase, each customer will receive an automatically generated download link with only five download attempts by default. It means that you won’t need to limit downloads for specific products or buyers. However, you can also restrict downloads manually at any time or make products password protected.
What is the maximum product file size?
The maximum file size that you can upload on your Sellfy store is 10 GB. But, we recommend keeping your file sizes below 5 GB. There’s also no limit to the number of products you can sell, and if you ever need to upload a bigger file you can compress it to a ZIP folder.
What other products can I sell on my Sellfy store?
You can sell all kinds of digital, physical, or subscription-based products. Sellfy also has a built-in print on demand feature so you can easily create and sell quality custom merch. When it comes to digital products, you can upload just about any file type (pdf, epub, mp4, avi, jpg, etc.).
How do I price my calendars?
It depends on the type of product you’re selling. If we’re talking about printable calendars, they should typically be sold for $2-$5 USD. With digital products, it’s important to include the expenses and desired profit in the price. It also helps to check out how other creators are pricing their products.

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