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Podia offers a high-quality all-in-one storefront, at a price. We love their platform but if you need something a little less expensive, Sellfy offers a more affordable plan with premium features. From email marketing to advanced analytics, we make sure you get your money's worth.
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Sellfy vs Podia

Pricing Starts at $19/mo Starts at $39/mo
Fully hosted storefront Yes
Instant payouts Yes
Sell digital products Yes
Sell subscriptions Yes
Easy embed to any website Yes
Unlimited products Yes
Digital file security Yes
Built-in email marketing Yes
Built-in analytics No
Discount feature Yes
Pay what you want pricing No
Upsell feature Yes

Used by 300,000+ creators

Sellfy has been one of the go to platforms for selling digital products for more than 8 years and since then we've seen more than 300,000+ creators using our platform. Try us out! We'll be a good fit for your needs as well!

High converting product pages

In eCommerce, it's all about the conversion rate so our product pages are designed with this in mind. Add text, images or videos and give your buyer a next level experience.After using Sellfy you will never want to use any of our competitors again!

Built-in analytics

Our platform has built-in straight forward analytics that will give you in depth insights about your buyers and store visitors. Learn best selling products, traffic sources and top locations for your customers. Choose the timeframe, pick a specific product or the whole store.

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Why go with Sellfy?

Make more with subscriptions

Subscriptions are one of the best ways to make recurring income for creators. Sellfy lets you set up subscription products that can charge customers on a yearly, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on your needs. Increase your profit per customer, gain customer loyalty, and build a foreseeable cash-flow!

Fully hosted storefront

Storefront hosting has never been so easy. Using our shop builder, you can create your own Sellfy storefront with a click of a button. We offer full storefront hosting capabilities at no additional cost to you so you don't have to worry about paying for more than you have to.

Digital delivery done well

As a platform created specifically for digital products, Sellfy has what it takes to deliver your digital products quickly and efficiently. We know everything about file formats, file sizes, and digital industry best practices, so you can rest easily knowing your products are in good hands.

Safe and secure

At Sellfy, we eat, breath and live digital downloads. That's why our customers trust us with their products. Using industry standard security measures like PDF file stamping and limited downloads, we make sure that your's content stays safe and secure. We don't just deliver digital products, we deliver peace of mind.

Marketing features that you'll love

With so many online stores, good marketing is more important than ever. Sellfy makes it easy to rise above the crowd with its built-in marketing tools. From email marketing to pixel tracking, we make it easy to market your products and gather information!

Add your own domain name

You're a creator. To you your brand is everything and we get that. With Sellfy you can add your own domain name and build an authentic brand experience that fully represents you.

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Here's what other sellers say about Sellfy

Sellfy made selling online extremely easy and straightforward, there’s no hassle and your products take literally minutes to set up. With impressive sales and very reasonable fees, I’ve had nothing but good fortune with them.

Anthony James

One of the things I really appreciate about Sellfy is I know exactly where my source of sales traffic is generated (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc). I can track sales on a daily / monthly basis. It also tracks buyers and allows me to reach out directly (through Sellfy’s email tool).

Music producer

I went with Sellfy because all of my friends spoke of Sellfy really highly. It was easy for me to understand and easy to work with. I love their service.

Sorelle Amore


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