Gumroad's obnoxious fees are hurting your business? Try Sellfy

We love Gumroad's clear and easy to understand service but those fees stack up! What you need is a service with a fixed monthly cost you can rely on. Sellfy starts as low as $19/mo and when you sell you get paid instantly to your PayPal or Stripe account.
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Sellfy vs Gumroad (Detailed Comparison) – Decide Quickly

Sellfy vs Gumroad

Pricing Starts at $19/mo $0/mo
Transaction fees 0% 10%
Instant payouts No
Sell downloads Yes
Sell on social media Yes
Clean checkout Yes
Digital file security Yes
Built-in email marketing Yes
Upselling feature No

5 reasons why Sellfy is better than Gumroad

Built-in print on demand

With Sellfy, you won’t have to look for any external print-on-demand platforms or integrate anything into your store (like you’d have to do with Gumroad), as we offer built-in print on demand for all sellers.

Sellfy’s built-in print on demand lets you easily create and sell custom clothing, home decor, and accessories along with your digital and physical products. Sellfy will take care of everything—after you make a sale, we’ll take care of the order fulfillment, printing, and shipping of your products worldwide. Plus, there are no upfront investments needed, as you’ll only pay for fulfillment after you’ve sold something.

No transaction fees

With Gumroads’ 9% transaction fee, you’re simply saying goodbye to a large chunk of your hard-earned money. Unlike Gumroad, Sellfy does not take a part of your income in commission nor transaction fees or any other way. With Sellfy, you will never have to worry about unnecessary or hidden costs.

Your customers will be able to purchase products in your Sellfy store using PayPal or any of the major debit or credit cards—whatever is more convenient for them. As a seller, you can accept payments from a wide array of international currencies and forget about transaction fees forever.

Instant payouts

Gumroad won’t give you instant access to your money as you will have to sit and wait for your weekly paydays. Stop waiting around for your money—get paid in seconds, not days. If you pick us to start your eCommerce business, you’ll get the money in your pocket almost instantly after a sale thanks to Sellfy’s fast payment processing.

Instant access to your earnings will give you the chance to reinvest your money and grow your online business much faster than you would with Gumroad. What’s more, with Sellfy, you’ll also have access to advanced VAT and tax settings.

Better marketing features

Looking for an all-in-one eCommerce solution that can help you launch and grow your eCommerce business? Then Sellfy is just for you—it comes with a great set of marketing tools that can help you promote your products without turning to external solutions.

For example, with the discounts and coupon feature, you can set a start/end time, add a countdown timer. You also get built-in email marketing to run email campaigns, send product updates and “thank you” letters. Plus, there’s an upsell feature for offering an additional product as soon as your customer adds one of your products to the cart.

More customization / clean interface

Sell your products and create personalized merch on a fully customizable storefront. We have developed a unique Store Customizer that will help you make your design look exactly the way you want.

Sellfy store customization is quick and effortless—no coding or design experience is needed. You’ll be able to customize every aspect of your online store just by playing around with the Customizer tool—from the number and design of your product pages to the shape of buy now buttons. You can also choose the layout style of your store pages, customize the purchase confirmation page, and so much more.

A better Gumroad Alternative

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Why go with Sellfy?

High converting product page‍
With Sellfy you can easily make beautiful, clean, yet powerful and high converting landing pages for your digital products. Customize the color scheme, add a description, multiple images or embed YouTube & Vimeo playlists. Make them as massive and salesy or as subtle as you want.
Sell on social media
We've built our platform so that anyone can painlessly sell their products on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Simply upload a product and share your link to your followers. Our high converting landing pages and super clean checkout will take care of the rest.
Digital product delivery
From our super fast product delivery to our advanced security features, unlimited bandwidth or the famous clean checkout.Sellfy was made for selling digital products and all our functionality has been built around it. We support every file format out there. Go and try for yourself!
Digital product security
We do everything in our power to secure your products. Each purchase has a unique link with restricted downloads. Your files are hosted and securely stored on Amazon AWS servers and you have the option to stamp buyers email address on every page of the PDF file that you're selling.
Clean checkout
Simple, smooth and beautiful. We've built our clean checkout so that it removes all the friction from the buying process. Use it on your Sellfy storefront or add it to your own website! It looks and works great on mobile and desktop.
Marketing features
Sellfy comes with awesome built-in marketing features, engineered to help you sell more. Starting our email marketing tool, that lets you send unlimited emails to your buyers and subscribers to our up sell and discount feature that can help you take your product sales to new heights.

Here is what other creators say about Sellfy

Boscorelli Art

3D Model seller

Sellfy is easy to use, logical and quick. The constant upgrades and efforts to make this platform better are what really convince me. Sellfy more or less offered everything I needed while other platforms didn't.

Holger Wurst


I was surprised by how fast and easy it was to start my business with Sellfy. Now I can focus completely on the creation of new and beautiful products, expanding my range of goods, and giving support to my customers but leave the financial and delivery part to Sellfy.

Empty Vessels


The team is responsive to problems if they (infrequently) occur and are open to suggestions for feature requests. Digital content creators who don't want to dig deep into web design should definitely check it out.

Paying a crazy 10% transaction fee vs paying 0%? Your search for Gumroad alternative is over.

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