An Etsy alternative that's actually meant for digital downloads

Similar to Etsy, Sellfy is a platform that lets you easily sell digital goods to other people. In addition to that with Sellfy you can easily grab and embed your store, product cards, and even buy buttons to whatever platform you want. Like your website or Facebook.
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Sellfy vs Etsy (Comparison – Fees, Features & more)(2024)

Sellfy vs Etsy Digital Downloads

Etsy Digital Downloads
Pricing Starts at $19/mo Starts at $0/mo
Transaction fees 0% 5% + 0.2 USD (listing fee)
Sell digital downloads Yes
Sell subscriptions Yes
Instant payout No
Max digital file size (GB) 5 0.02
Advanced digital file security No
Your own fully hosted store No
Built-in email marketing No
Discount feature Yes
Upsell feature No
Built-in analytics Yes
Multiple languages Yes

Here's why you should go with Sellfy

No fees when you sell something

Etsy is great for so many things. But one thing that's not awesome are their fees. So if you are tired of high fees on your purchases, try out Sellfy. We provide an awesome eCommerce platform with NO transaction fees. It's time to get excited about sales again.

Sell really large files

Your dreams aren't small, so why should your file sizes be? Sellfy lets you upload and sell files as large as 5GB, regardless of their format. This lets you create more content than you would be able to on a platform that doesn't support large file hosting.

Payout as soon as your products are purchased

We love that Etsy enables you to earn from your digital products. That said, there are some limitations to their payouts. The good news - Sellfy is perfect for selling your digital downloads. And although not a marketplace like Etsy, Sellfy has instant payouts. We'll delivers funds as soon as a product are purchased.

A better etsy Alternative

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Everything you need to launch and run your store, stress-free

Add a shopping cart
Having a shopping cart can really increase the average order value. At Sellfy, we know this so we've built a cart with awesome features like multiple item purchasing, discount codes, or upsells. Enable it on your store with a click of a button!
Sell from your own website or blog
Sellfy has a straightforward solution for selling from your own website. It's easy and works as a simple embed you can copy & paste it! Add a buy button to a blog post or a shopping cart to your whole website and start selling.
Digital product delivery
With our clean and minimalistic checkout process, unlimited bandwidth, or large digital file sizes we've done our best to help you sell more downloads. We support every file format and we're confident Sellfy will be a good place for your files as well.
Digital file security
With Sellfy you can worry less about product security and think more about your business. Rest easy knowing that all of your products are hosted on Sellfy's secure cloud server, with limited download attempts and only accessible from unique links. We use cutting-edge security measures to keep your downloads safe from piracy.
Famous clean checkout
Our clean checkout is famous for a reason! With Sellfy every step of the buying process is streamlined to make buying as smooth as possible, whether your customers are shopping from mobile or desktop. Our platform was built to help you sell more.
Built-in analytics
Our built-in analytics were created with you in mind. Get the most out of your store - find out where traffic comes from, gather customer information, and measure product success. It's time to take your marketing to the next level.

Here is what other creators say about Sellfy


Music producer

One of the things I really appreciate about Sellfy is I know exactly where my source of sales traffic is generated (Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc). I can track sales on a daily / monthly basis. It also tracks buyers and allows me to reach out directly (through Sellfy’s email tool).

Christian Mate Grab


Making 5-figures for the first time with Sellfy really helped me fulfill my filmmaking dreams! I never imagined that filmmaking and photography presets are so asked!

Poetic Themes

WordPress theme seller

Sellfy simplified the process of selling digital products in a way I haven't seen before.

Fully hosted storefront with unlimited products? Your search for Etsy Digital Downloads alternative is over.

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