Teaching Resources: A-level sociology of education

One downloadable bundle including fully modifiable teaching resoruces in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. 

The bundle includes:
  • A detailed scheme of work covering the entire AQA specification for the Education topic 
  • 24 detailed lesson plans (topics below)
  • Six student work packs on Perspectives, class, gender, ethnicity and education policies. 
  • PowerPoints to accompany most lessons. 
  • Activities such as role play games, sentence sorts, gap fills. 
NB I have had to remove most of the pictures from these materials for copyright reasons, but the idea is that you can always add these in yourself to beautify them!

Lessons covered:

1.    An introduction to the sociology of education  

2.    The Functionalist perspective on education

3.    The Marxist perspective on education

4.    Neo-Marxism/ Paul Willis’ Learning to Labour

5.    The Neoliberal and New Right perspective on education

6.    The Postmodern view of education

7.    Consolidation Education Assessment Lesson – focussing on exam technique for the different types of question

8.    Exploring education, surveillance and social control.

9.    Social class and education: introduction and the role of material deprivation

10. Social class and education: cultural deprivation and cultural capital

11. Social class and education: the role of in school factors

12. Ethnicity and education: introduction, material deprivation and cultural factors

13. Ethnicity and education: the role of in-school factors

14. Ethnicity and education: are schools institutionally racist?

15. Gender and education: explaining gender differences in educational achievement

16. Gender and education: gender identity in schools, subject choice and the Radical Feminist Perspective

17. Education Policies: Historical Context, 1944 and 1965

18. The 1988 Education Act

19. New Labour’s Policies

20. The Coalition and New Right policies

21. Exploring selection and the priviatisation of education

22. Should we abolish independent schools debate

23. Globalisation and education

24. Vocational education

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