A-Level Sociology Teaching Resource Subscription

Subscribe for regular teaching resource updates for A-level sociology.

Each month I'll be providing a minimum of eight hours/ lessons worth of resources relevant to the A-level sociology syllabus, according to the schedule below. 

I follow the AQA specification, but the content is broadly similar for other A-level specs. 

For just £9.99 a month, each month you will receive a minimum of:

- 8 detailed lesson plans with clear aims and objectives, lesson activities, assessment and extension details.
- 8 lessons worth of gapped resource packs for students. These will vary from 8 individual work packs for smaller content lessons to one 'mega work pack' if the topics take up 8 lessons.
- Power Points, assessment tasks and supplemntary activities to complement the above.
- Anything else I produce reelvant to A-level sociology depending on my mood! 

**2020-2022 resource publiication schedule**

I proudce updates to cover the entire syllabus over a two year period with rolliing updates of everything every two years, as follows:

  • March - June 2020 - Education Resources
  • July - September 2020 - Families and Households
  • October - December 2020 - Research Methods, including methods applied to education 
  • January - April 2021 - Global Development
  • May - August 2021 - Crime and Deviance
  • September - October 2021 - Theory and Methods 
  • November 2021 - January 2022 - Revision Material
  • February 2022 - Intro material. 

Why subscribe?

Win- win – you provided me with the regular income I need to produce these resources and you get 50% of the list-price of each 10-lesson bundle which will be £49.99.

NB Keep in mind what FANTASTIC VALUE this is. In 2007 I authored a Philip Allan ‘Religion resource pack' which consisted only of lesson plans and a few sheets of paper resources per lesson, and that sold for £89.99, 12 years ago!

**You're also supporting the little guy (THAT'S ME!)**

Sure you can buy resources from Tutor2U, or Collins or other large publishers, but stop and think: you are a sociology teacher, by paying them you're just paying the company, the author gets, 10-15% if that, and there's a good chance that's not in line with your values, given that you're almost certainly critical of large corproates if you teach sociology. 

Buy my resources and I get most of the cash, paying only a small percentage to maintain my website and this sales site!