Before you buy


This information is directed to new VSKYLABS customers, who are about to purchase their 1st VSKYLABS product.

Signing-in to the VSKYLABS Store (FREE process):
Although not mandatory at purchase, It is highly recommended to register to the VSKYLABS Store, as it is incorporating these main benefits:

#1 - Download your VSKYLABS purchases for backup or update purpose:
As a registered user, you will be able to log into your store account and download your purchases whenever needed, for backup or update purposes. The VSKYLABS projects are under constant development and having a 24/7 access to your purchased projects will allow you to download them without any effort!

#2 - Manage your account:
As a registered user, you will be able to manage your store account, for example changing your personal e-mail address into a new one, or any other related action.

How to register to the VSKYLABS Store - instructions for a new customer:
The VSKYLABS Store is powered by 'Sellfy', and registration is free. Best option is to simply register ('Start Free Trial' green button at the top right side of the page) to 'Sellfy' **BEFORE** your first purchase. This will ensure that all of your purchases will be listed in your account. Registration to 'Sellfy' is a free process and can be done from 'Sellfy' main page:

Note: Registering via the 'Start 14-day Free Trial' button is just the same. After the 14 days of trial, the account will become a free buyer account!

After signing into your account, every purchase from the VSKYLABS Store will be visible in your 'My purchases' page, and you will be able to have access to your files.