DRUM DEVICES BUNDLE – 352 drum kits for Geist Lite (plugin included)

The Drum Devices Bundle contains 352 drum kits from modern and classic sources, including Erica Techno System, the evil Blck_Noir drummie by Endorphines, the Metasonix D-1000 and D-2000 tube machines, a Vermona DRM1, Arturia’s MicroBrute and DrumBrute, a MFB503, Elektrons Analog Rytm and others. All kits haven been treated and tormented with our modular system, analogue compressors and a MPC 2500 for nice grittyness, before being squashed to the max. Although there’s classic drum machines inside, their sound is as fat as if the machines were just made in 2019. Happy drumming!

352 drum kits, 5.000+ samples. Geist Lite Beat edition VST/AU for Win & Mac included.