MODULAR MAYHEM BUNDLE – 151 freaky patches

Pure analogue, pure modular – this bundle contains 3.350 MB in 151 patches:

BRUTE FACTOR– 47 MiniBrute 2S patches
Analog sound is always wanted. And it's even more wanted when it sounds fat or brute. Just like the Arturia MiniBrute 2. As the synth was already honored with full marks, we just made a studio session and dressed it up for our very own Zampler, so you can now enjoy the savage sounds yourself. And we included a bonus, something that the MiniBrute hardware can't do: Pads. Happy blasting!

MRMX - Dreadbox Murmux
That Dreadbox sound in one nitty gritty soundbank. There's no reason to miss it!

DREADBOX - Modular synth sound bank
We were so impressed by Dreadbox' G-System that it almost felt like an obligation to create a comprehensive sample pack for our readers featuring the distinctive sounds of the modular synth. The 1.9 GB pack covers brilliant and massive leads, warm and brutal basses as well as fat percussion, effect and drone sounds with the distinctive „dread factor“ to spice up your tracks.

SMBLNC - Oberheim sound bank
Enjoy the glitchy side of modular synthesis.

Sound bank for Zampler//RX, 3.350 MB sample content. Get the latest version of Zampler//RX at - it's free!