MPC Expansions

ELECTRIC PROPHET for MPC - 107 patches from Sequential Pro 3 and Prophet 08
THE ANALOGON for MPC - 88 patches for Synthwave, Trance & Minimal
THE TRICKSTER for MPC - 102 patches straight from hell
ETHNIC SYMPHONY for MPC - 57 ethnic basses, pads and synths for Chill & House
ETERNAL DRONES for MPC - 71 drones & pads for Ambient & Sound tracks
BLACK HOLE for MPC - 87 basses and pads from the frontier of the universe
TAPE SYNTHS for MPC - 75 patches of pure Synthwave power
ELECTRO ENCOUNTER for MPC - 42 patches of neon light and nasty robots
PATCHED GRAND for MPC - 30 prepared pianos and more
PRO-8 for MPC - Only the best from Prophet 08 and Prophet 6
STRING THEORY for MPC - 33 Nord keys, pads & string machines
EMULATOR for MPC - 120 iconic basses, leads & synths
EXPLORER for MPC - Duel of the giants: Odyssey vs ARP2600V
SYNTH MASSIVE for MPC - Best of Serum, Spire & Massive
HYBRID ORCHESTRA for MPC - 48 finest electro-orchestra patches

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