Paper pattern of the tailcoat for the cosplay
Lady's shirt (Paper pattern)
kimono collar Paper pattern.
Stand up collor  swallowtail jacket Paper pattern.
Suikan. japanese old style jacket.  (Paper pattern)
Circular skirt of dress. (Paper pattern)
Princess line coat (Paper pattern)
hakama. Japanese pants。(Paper pattern)
Stand-upper collar jacket  (Paper pattern)
Circular skirt of dress (Paper pattern)
Double breasted jacket. (Paper pattern)
box pleated skirt. Waist (Paper pattern)
Vest paper pattern. men's (Paper pattern)
mantle (Paper pattern)
Long cape paper pattern.
Japanese armor-like hat
Sawing Pattern for Sailor Blouse
Jinbei Sewing Pattern, Tdaditional Japanese Shirt
Sailor Moon like leotard (paper pattern)


How to make the sewing.


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