IMVU file sales: VDAY huge collection! LIMITED!!

HUGE collection ; )

Generally its like 5 bundles all together.

limited to 10 people only, so price is little higher, but less people will own it as well ;) so kinda exclusive deal!

- robe in few variations
- PJ bottom and top
- PJ dress
- lingerie bra and panties
- high heels
- socks
- sleep mask

so.. mix and match.
comes in 2 colors - pink as it is at previews and black - can check and try it on in my cattyy:

With or without tattoos.

High quality, realistic looking.

Comes in flat files!
Detailed texture + matching opacity map.

- robe:
- PJ top and bra:
- PJ bottom and undies:
- dress:
- high heels:
- socks:
- sleep mask: