This collection of CAD files contains the most commonly used threaded metal fittings and valves for the process industries in Europe, as well as beyond.

All component dimensions are standardized according to the applicable DIN - ISO standards.
As a result, you are not dependent on your valves and fittings supplier for your 3D CAD models, they are interchangeable. You now have an entire library in your own computer system (!).

With this warehouse full of piping parts (in full diameter series), it is possible for every engineer with a CAD system to design complex fitted piping systems according to the European standards.

All in one zip file (60Mb)
Threaded Valves and Fittings DIN standardized.
43 Types in full range diameters.
700+ Different CAD files.
File format: AUTOCAD (.dwg), for use in Autocad and Plant 3D (version 2016 or newer).


01. One piece ball valves BSP female
02. Two piece ball valves BSP female
03. Three piece ball valves BSP female
04. Three-way ball valves BSP female
05. Globe valves BSP female
06. Swing check valves BSP female
07. Lift check valves BSP female
08. Gate valves BSP female
09. Filters/strainers BSP female
10. Basket filters BSP female
11. Parallel nippels BSP male
12. Hexagon nipples BSP male
13. Hexagon plugs BSP male
14. Elbows 45° BSP female
15. Hose adaptors BSP male
16. Hose adaptors BSP female
17. Elbows 90° BSP female
18. Elbow unions BSP female x female
19. Elbow unions BSP female x male
20. Elbow unions BSP female x welding
21. Crosses BSP female
22. Reducing bushes BSP male x male
23. Welding nipples BSP male x welding
24. Barrel nipples BSP male
25. Sockets BSP female
26. Half sockets BSP female
27. Bends 90° BSP male
28. Equal tees BSP female
29. Reducing tees BSP female
30. Square head plugs BSP male
31. Unions BSP female x female
32. Unions BSP female x male
33. Unions BSP male x male
34. Unions BSP female x welding
35. Unions BSP male x welding
36. Unions welding ends
37. Round caps BSP fame
38. Hexagon caps BSP female
39. Reducing bushes BSP m x f
40. Reducing sockets BSP female
41. Flanges BSP female DIN2666
42. Pipe clamps
43. Flat gaskets