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#What's Available?
Accompaniment scores of Celtic traditional music are downloadable.

A full score, a part for melody instruments, two variations of accompaniment parts, and MP3 file of MIDI sound source are inside downloaded zip file.

Be careful ! At least two players are needed to enjoy our scores, for example, a fiddler and a pianist.

Our accompaniment scores are designed for Irish harpists to play without lever operations during the tune even if accidentals are needed, which will help you when you have to play fast.

#Suitable Instruments 
Our accompaniment scores are originally composed for Irish Harp. But we think they are also suitable for piano because of less technical restrictions than harp.

#Message from the Arranger
Fumiatsu Sato, the arranger of the accompaniment scores,  have been playing Celtic traditional music by Irish flute, tin whistle, and gaita with harpists for years, and have arranged so many folk songs to prepare for our concerts. Through this experience, I found it takes so long time and energy to produce harp accompaniment scores because of its technical restrictions. I opened this store because there are few satisfiable accompaniment scores available. I would appreciate it  very much if our music sheets can help, support and inspire accompanists who have difficulties to arrange by themselves. 

#Please give us requests if you have some tunes, of which accompaniment scores you want us to make !