Best Sleep Ever! Hypnotic solution to make you sleep deep.
Clutter Freedom- hypnosis to make you love to clean things up
Language Mastery - hypnosis session to help you absorb, learn and understand a foreign language
Ho'oponopono- a hypnotic hawaiian healing miracle
Remote Seduction - hypnosis to send loving, erotic thoughts to another remotely.
Stroke Recovery - hypnosis to restore movement, speech and balance.
Financial Abundance- The Hypnosis program to give you a wealth mindset
Golf Hypnosis- The mental edge
Weight Release- the Hypnosis Diet that will make you thin
Sleepy Kids 2 - Hypnotic Bedtime Story to put your child to sleep. For children 5-10 years old
Sleepy Kids 1- Hypnotic Bedtime Story to put your child to sleep- 5 years and under
Creative Brilliance - Hypnosis to open your creative talent
Dreamgasm - a hypnotic experience to induce erotic dreams
Ultimate Orgasm - hypnosis session to help you relax and enjoy sex and feel more pleasure
Dental Bliss - Relax and drift away with no more dentist fear.
Back Pain Gone! Hypnotherapy to end your back pain and heal your body
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis- the powerful, permanent way to quit cigarettes for good.
I Am Love- Hypnosis audio for profound self love
Whispers of Whimsy
Headache Cure ~ Intro to Hypnotherapy with Wendi


I have created hypnosis programs for over 20 years. If you have a problem, hypnosis can probably fix it. I also have training if you want to learn hypnosis.


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