Tennis Workout At Home (Video Course)

Don't have an access to the tennis court? Can't find a practice partner? No worries! With a help of our ''Tennis Workout At Home'' video course, tennis can be practiced at home and on your own.

In this hour-long workout, certified tennis coach and ATP ranked tennis player Rihards Emulins shows 44 tennis specific exercises completed in his living room. These simple exercises will help you to become tennis fitter, improve your footwork, perfect your strokes and maintain your feel for the tennis ball.

All the exercises in this video course are divided in 6 short and concise videos you can go through on your own pace. All the exercises are shown in an exact order and the amount of reps, sets and resting times are provided to give you the maximum benefit.

Of course, nothing is better than a real tennis practice on the tennis court with your practice partner or a coach. However, if you are unable to play tennis for whatever reason, this home tennis workout is exactly what you need!

Here is what you will learn inside ''Tennis Workout At Home'' video course!


  • Video One - Intro. In this video you will learn how it is possible to have a tennis workout at home and how to get ready for it.
  • Video Two - Warm Up. In this video you will learn 10 effecive warm up exercises that activate your main muscle groups, increase your heart rate and get your feet moving.

  • Video Three - Coordination Drills. In this video you will learn 7 great exercises for improving your coordination, touch and feel for the ball. 

  • Video Four - Shadowing And Hitting Drills. In this video you will learn 17 dynamic shadow swinging and hitting exercises helping you to improve your footwork and perfect your strokes.

  • Video Five - Cool Down. In this video you will learn 10 very important stretches every tennis player should perform after every tennis session.

  • Video Six - Outro. In this video you will learn how often to perform this workout and how to mix it in with your other physical activities.

Here is what you will get by purchasing ''Tennis Workout At Home'' video course:

  • Instant access to stream or download the video course.
  • 6 MP4 video files (1.5 GB).
  • Countless great exercises that will make you tennis fit.

So why waiting? Get ''Tennis Workout At Home'' video course now and improve your tennis!

P.S. Make sure that you check out the video above. That is a little sneak peek of what you will learn inside our video course.