Tennis Lucky Charm

Have you ever felt like giving up while playing a tennis match? Or lost motivation to put in the work during training?

If so, listen up, we've got something that could help!

Keep a personalized lucky charm close to you on the tennis court, so it can be that much needed boost of positivity and motivation that will help you power through tough moments. 

Choose one of our motivational phrases or write a personalized message to put you in the right mindset to keep going when you need it the most. 

Our lucky charms are made from organic wood and have a leather string, which can be attached to your tennis bag.
If you opt for a personalized lucky charm, we will contact you via email to confirm your message.

Tennis racket- H:10cm; W:5cm; D:0.3cm
Tennis ball- H:5cm; W:5cm; D:0.3cm
Tennis charm- H:8cm; W:2cm; D:0.3cm
Leather string - 90cm

Basic Tennis Lucky Charms includes:
Leather String;
Tennis racket with text: Enjoy The Process (one side), no text (other side)
Tennis ball with text: Clear Your Mind Of Can't (one side), Win (other side)
Tennis charm with text:Tennis