Heretic Spidey (Red Version)
Heretic Spidey
Classic Comic Spider-Man (with brick patterns)
Savage Spider-Man
Civil War Symbiote (Civil War Spiders)
Sizing Instructions and Sewing Guides
Red Robin
Tsuyu Asui - Body Suit
Power Girl
Triple Threat Spider-Man - Symbiote Version
Ochako Uraraka
Triple Threat Spider-Man
Classic Comic Spidey (Brighter Version)
New 52 Kid Flash
Silk (Attached Mask)
Silk (Detached Mask)
MCU Civil War Symbiote (Webbing V2)
MCU Civil War Symbiote (Webbing V1)
White Symbiote (Custom for Morgan Gretzky)
MCU Civil War Symbiote
Classic Spider-Man - 7 Piece Version
Defiant Spidey
Spidey-Pool custom for ZeffHounds
Symbiote (Blue)
Midnight Spider
Spidey Supreme
Midnight Spider (Classic Back Spider Version)
Shocker (Ultimate)
Symbiote pattern
Midnight Spider (Variant Back Spider)
Midnight Spider (Blue Version)
Classic comic style Spiderman


If you have any questions about the designs or if you have any requests for a design contact me on Facebook, Instagram or email: [email protected]


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