Galactic Soul Signature Activation

A multidimensional energy healing transmission and attunement for connecting with your galactic guides, heritage and soul signature. In this journey you are guided to connect with your unique healing technology that activates your light body and can impact profound healing on all levels of the mental, emotional, etheric and physical planes across multiple timelines, realities and dimensions.

To prepare, be in a comfortable position preferably laying down with pillows and a blanket in case you get cold. In doing this kind of energy work its common for the body temperature to drop a bit. After receiving make sure to hydrate a ton and nourish the body in all the ways that feel good. This healing energy can continue to integrate for hours, and days after activating your session.

Always listen to your heart and your own guides, you have the best direction as to your own process.

Length: ~ 60 minutes
Format: Audio Transmission