Kinetic Titles For FCPX

Kinetic Titles for FCPX
Kinetic Titles pack, is unique to most of the packs available on the market as you do not require Apple Motion to use this pack. You have complete freedom to customise the text, font and colour of all text as well as the shapes used. The user has complete freedom to drag and drop the lower thirds as they would any generator file available in Final Cut pro 10. Change the speed of the animation by dragging the ends as you would an image and enjoy customising today.


25+ Minimalist Lower thirds
free support
Tutorial Video
Animation done by a professional animator


- Kinetic Titles does not support older versions of Final Cut
- Note the Plug-in is fully customisable in Apple motion but does not require you to own it.
- Be aware that this plug in can not create custom lower thirds from scratch. Use this Plug in to edit the 17+ templates provided.
- Only edit within the Generator window to avoid errors.