BSHS 445 Week 3 Case Scenario Response

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BSHS 445 Week 3 Case Scenario Response Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Case Scenario Response.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.    Case Scenario Response   Read the “What Would You Do?” section in Ch. 12 of Crisis Intervention Case Book and answer the following questions.   Provide a 150- to 200-word response for each question. 1.     What should the crisis coordinator do right away?     2.     What issues should be addressed with Sandra’s friends? With the driver of the other car?     3.     What should the counseling liason’s primary responsibilities be in the immediate aftermath of the crash?     4.     From what other agencies might the crisis team request assistance?     5.     With school not in session at the time other students hear of this tragedy, what are your biggest concerns about making sure that all students are provided counseling or other support?     6.     What kinds of memorials, both immediate and permanent, might be appropriate?     7.     What school-based prevention practices might come out of this event?