MTH 214 Week 1 Quiz

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 MTH 214 Week 1 Quiz


Please complete the week 1 quiz.

MTH 214 – Quiz 1




A pair of fair dice is rolled. What is the probability of rolling a sum that is even or prime?


A mathematics class is composed of 35 men and 45 women. There are 20 business majors, 30 biology majors, 10 computer science majors and 20 mathematics majors.  No person has a double major.  If a single student is chosen from the class, what is the probability that the student is a computer science or mathematics major?


If a person takes a five question true-false test, what is the probability that the person receives a perfect score by guessing on every question?


What are the odds in favor of randomly drawing the letter S from the letters in the word MISSISSIPPI?


The telephone prefix for the town of Blackstone, Massachusetts is 883. The prefix is followed by four digits.  How many different telephone numbers are possible before a new prefix is needed?


A committee of three people is selected at random from a set of seven Americans, five French people and three English people. What is the probability that the committee has no Americans?


The mean for a set of 28 scores is 80. Suppose two more students take the test and score 60 and 50.  What is the new mean?


Suppose there were “x” students in a class who scored 100 and “y” students who scored 50. Write an algebraic expression for the mean in terms of “x” and “y”.


The mean of five numbers is 6. If one of the numbers is removed, the mean becomes 7.  What is the value of the number that was removed?


Bob was ranked 50th in a class of 250. What was his percentile rank?