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BSCOM/260 COMMUNICATION COMPETENCE IN THE WORKPLACE   The Latest Version A+ Study Guide   ********************************************** BSCOM 260 Entire Course Link **********************************************   BSCOM 260 Week 1 Understanding Technical Communication As a team, discuss the features of technical writing as well as what your personal experiences are / have been with technical writing.  To complete the task, either compile your individual responses to each of the questions and create a comprehensive answer to each or assign one question to each team member to address. Write a brief 3- to 5-sentence response for each of the following:
  • What are typical kinds of technical communication? 
  • What are the main features of technical communication? How is good writing a fundamental element of technical communication? 
  • How have you used technical communication in your professional or student experience? With what types of technical communication are you most familiar? What forms of technical communication would be most beneficial to you in your career? 
  • How would you describe the tone and style of your technical communication in your professional lives? If you have minimal professional experience, how would you describe your technical communication as a student?
  • After reading this week's assigned chapters from your text, how could you improve your own technical communication in your professional or student life? Provide examples. 
Edit the final work for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics before submitting.  Regardless of your chosen strategy for handling the assignment, edit for cohesive voice. Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.     BSCOM 260 Week 1 Technical Communication Review Part I Read "Introduction: Thinking Globally, Teaching Locally: Understanding the Changing Nature of Technical Communication in an Age of Globalization" by Kirk St. Amant in your Week 1 Electronic Reserve Readings. Use ProQuest Historical Annual Reports database in the University Library for your research. Respond to the following in a 350- to 700-word summary:
  • What forces have pushed technical communication practices into a more global perspective? 
  • Research an international company for which you would like to work. After reviewing its website and researching the company in the University Library, what areas can you identify that require the support of good writing and technical communication skills? 
  • Identify areas that require technical communication skills to incorporate a global perspective in your selected company.
Part II Locate an annual report for an international corporation in the University Library. If possible, locate a report for the company for which you wish to work. It is recommended you use the ProQuest Historical Annual Reports database. The report should not be older than 15 years. Review the report as an example of technical communication written with a global perspective by responding to the following in a 350- to 700-word summary:
  • What is the purpose of the report? How is the information being communicated to its audience? Do you think it is a good example of technical communication? Why or why not? 
  • Is the written text easily understood? 
  • How is the idea of communication for a diverse, global audience supported by the visuals used and document design?
Submit both summaries to your instructor and cite your sources using APA formatting.      BSCOM 260 Week 2 Ethics and Audience in Technical Writing and Communication Resource: Joanna Briggs Institute database in the University of Phoenix Library Locate a technical communication document in the Joanna Briggs Institute database in the University of Phoenix library. It is recommended that you search for Best Practice Information Sheets on a topic of your choice. As a group, agree on a topic. Individually read the document then discuss ethical and audience-based concerns indicated by the questionnaire below.  As a group, complete the analysis.  How you go about this is to your discretion. Write a 350- to 700-word summary that describes ethical audience, tone, and style issues pertaining to the document by responding to the following:
  • Who are the primary and secondary audiences for the document?
  • What are the primary and secondary purposes of the document?
  • How will the document be used?
  • At what level of expertise is the document written?
  • Is the length and detail appropriate for the subject?
  • Is the format and medium appropriate for the subject?
  • What legal and ethical constraints may have been considered when creating the document?
Edit for grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Edit to ensure that the document is written in a cohesive voice. Submit your summary with APA-formatted citations to your instructor.     BSCOM 260 Week 2 Intercultural Considerations in Technical Communication Respond to the following scenario: You are working in a corporation with a team whose members are located in various locations: China, the United States, and India. Write a 350- to 700-word e-mail to your team that discusses one or two tools the team could use to communicate such as those discussed on p. 87 (Ch. 5) of Technical Communication. Write the memo with professional style and tone and consider your audience which includes international coworkers. Write a brief 200- to 350-word summary after completing your e-mail that describes why intercultural communication competence in the workplace is important. Describe how you approached the tone, style, language, and subject of your e-mail based on the guidelines on p. 101 (Ch. 5) of Technical Communication. Submit your e-mail and summary to your instructor.     BSCOM 260 Week 3 Final Project: Research Summary Submit a 350- to 700-word research summary on the team's chosen topic for training due in Week 5. Review three or four resources for this assignment. Include responses to the following:
  • What resources have you reviewed?
  • How did you determine the validity of these resources?
  • Are they primary or secondary resources?
  • What are the best practices involved in research for technical writing and communication?
  • What research best practices are the most important to apply? Why do you think so?
Submit the group assignment to the Assignment Files tab.     BSCOM 260 Week 3 Application Letter Write an application (cover) letter for a job you are interested in. The letter should draw from your professional and student experience. Submit your application letter as a Microsoft® Word document with appropriate formatting such as shown in the examples on pp. 394-395 (Ch. 17) of Technical Communication. Note. Once you receive instructor feedback, revise this document as needed. You should keep and revise this document for your current or future career search by adding the skills gained in your professional and student life.      BSCOM 260 Week 4 Final Project: Organizing for Readers Write an outline of the training due in Week 5. The team's outline should demonstrate how you have organized your subject in terms of the number of topics and subtopics (or steps and supporting steps) for your reader. You will use the outline when creating your final training. The outline should clearly state all the steps needed to complete your selected procedure or task. Write a 350- to 700-word summary of the group's outline consisting of one or more paragraphs. Read, review, and rewrite for clarity, spelling and grammar. You will use the verbiage from this paragraph in your final training. Submit the team's outline and summary to your instructor.     BSCOM 260 Week 4 Document Design Imagine you are working for an international corporation and have been tasked with writing a best practices 1- to 2-page flyer for posting in the company's offices around the world. The subject of the document is on the company's recycling policy in the breakrooms. Incorporate the following information in the flyer:
  • The company wishes to make it clear that all plastic cups in the breakroom should be placed in the provided recycling bin once the employee has finished using them.
Create your flyer as a Microsoft® Word document. You may want to review the flyer templates available in Microsoft® Word for use in this assignment. Submit the assignment to your instructor and to the class discussion area for feedback and to learn from your peers. Note. This assignment is designed to introduce you to basic document design that is often required of employees who have no graphic design background or skills. The essential part of the assignment is to ensure the information you write communicates the intended message.     BSCOM 260 Week 5 Online Student Guide Write a 350- to 1,050-word list of definitions that responds to the following scenario: You are working for a university with international online students and need to contribute to a guide written for the new online student. Your task is to come up with a list of commonly used terms and define them. Write definitions that can be easily understood by someone who is new to the online environment. If you are a ground student, write a list of terms that relate to the ground student's experience. Draw from your experience depending on your learning modality. Submit your assignmentas a Microsoft® Word document to your instructor.      BSCOM 260 Week 5 Final Project Training Instructions Complete the following as a team On the page following the cover page for the assignment do the following (note this page does not count toward the required 3-5 MS Word or 8-10 PP pages):
  • As a team, write one objective for your training. The objective should be written as a complete sentence and begin with an action verb, such as in the following example:
    • Apply the format painter to select document headings.
  • Groups may have more than one objective. If this is the case, write out the additional objective or objectives.
  • As a team, indicate the specific intended audience 
On the subsequent assignment pages write in structures for the complete training on your selected topic in one of the following formats:
  • A Microsoft® Word document consisting of 3 to 5 pages
  • An 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation
Ensure final submissions are edited for grammar, puncutation, and mechanics.  Edit for cohesive voice and style.  It is highly recommended to test the instructions to ensure they are functional for the proposed audience.