EDU 305 Week 1 Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure

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 EDU 305 Week 1 Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure

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Scenario: Your school is reaching out to new parents or parents-to-be in your community whose children may eventually go to your school. The outreach program is attempting to educate parents on prenatal and newborn development in the hopes that parents will better prepare their children for kindergarten.

Create a visual presentation describing prenatal and newborn development to be handed out or presented through the outreach program. Your presentation can be in the form of a brochure, poster, diagram, mind map, or any other visual that is appropriate for the subject.

Include the following:




A brief description of the key milestones in prenatal and newborn development


Tips to support development through the first year


Analysis of current research concerning cultural influences on child development


Comparison of biological and environmental influences on development (nature versus nurture)


A brief explanation of how parents’ understanding of prenatal and newborn development can help their children succeed in school


Note: For examples of current education technology tools and resources, refer to the Technology Resource Library and Educational Technology Toolkit on the College of Education Resources page.

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