CIS 298 Week 3 Individual Designing an IT Operation

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CIS 298 Week 3 Individual: Designing an IT Operation
You have been brought in to share your approach to the IT design of three different locations; a primary care clinic, a convenient care clinic, and an urgent care clinic.  Because these are new locations, you have been asked to compare different choices in your IT design for each location in order to find the most cost-effective choice for each location.

Choose between the following options to showcase your findings:

Option 1: A 1-page paper in APA format
Option 2: A 5- to 7-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes
Option 3: Comparison chart
Option 4: Option provided by instructor
The healthcare providers are as follows:

Primary care clinic: This clinic is located inside a new strip mall in a growing suburb with limited space for IT hardware (server room).  It has average Internet connectivity speed.
Convenient care clinic: Located inside a big box retailer, this clinic has more physical space for equipment but a lot of foot traffic in and around the clinic. The site also has limited physical security.
Urgent care clinic: This is located in a new standalone building next to a town center with dedicated facilities for IT equipment.
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