HRM 326 Week 2 Teammate Self-Assessment Matrix - I Choose to Succeed

HRM 326 Entire Course Link HRM 326 Week 2 Teammate Self-Assessment Matrix - I Choose to Succeed TEAM -                   Week 2 Team Assignment-Teammate Self-Assessment - "I Choose to Succeed"  'I Choose to Succeed'  Speaker: Marshall Goldsmith  Description: Successful people choose to do what they do. Categories: OTHER BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT  Preliminary Personal and Professional Needs Team Assessment Matrix Instructions: Each teammate reviews the video in the UOPX Media Library and responds to the questions the matrix.  Upload the completed team matrix into the assignments grade tab.   TEAM MEMBER PERSONAL NEEDS? PROFESSIONAL NEEDS? WHAT TRAINING DO YOU NEED (Knowledge, Skill and Abilities) TO SUCCEED?                                 Learning Team Management and Expectations  The learning team workspace where team members will convene is located in the New Classroom assignment section and under the respective weekly learning team assignment beginning with Week 2.  

As a reminder, UOP expects that all team members will strive to optimize their respective learning team by participating regularly, demonstrating effective team working norms of behavior, and contributing substantive sections of the team assignment on the team leader's 'internal team due date schedule'.   In some instances, there may be a team member who does not choose to earn the team grade because s/he has not participated or contributed regularly and has not posted their section of the team assignment on the team leader's internal due date AFTER self-correcting their section of the paper using the CWE for APA required assignments.   In other words, it is not acceptable for team members to post a section of the team assignment the night it is due and expect the team leader and other conscientious team members to scramble to pull the assignment together at the last minute.  Should a team member choose not to make a substantive contribution in a timely manner, the team leader is instructed to leave the missing in action team member's name next to their respective blank section and upload the team assignment on time.  It is not the team leader's job to chase late or non-contributing team members.  Each team member is encouraged to complete the Peer Review after each learning team assignment to highlight the team's strengths, areas of improvement and any discrepancies.