NTC 406 Week 3 Individual: Internet Transport Services

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 NTC 406 Week 3 Individual: Internet Transport Services

You are a Network Engineer for an IT consulting company. Your current client is a software developer. Recently they created a software which is capable of file transfers, voice chat, and videoconferencing. Your manager has tasked you with creating an Internet Transport Services proposal plan for the client’s new software.

Write a 1- to 2-page Internet Transport Services proposal using Microsoft® Word, include the following:




Identify at least four candidate transport protocols. Compare and contrast them in a table.


Propose which transport protocol(s) to be used for data, voice, and video transport respectively and the rationale.


Identify an existing similar software in the market place and research on the transport protocols used in that software.


Reasons for the difference(s) from your choice (where applicable).


Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.