NTC 247 Week 2 Individual: Assignment Wireless LAN

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 NTC 247 Week 2 Individual: Assignment Wireless LAN

Individual Assignment: Wireless LAN

Use a WiFi Scanner similar to Acrylic WiFi, Solar Winds, Fluke, and Channel Scanner to address the following:

Complete Problems 11.4 a., b., and c., 11.5, and 11.6 in Chapter 11 of Wireless Communication Networks and Systems.

Create a Microsoft® Word.doc and state the answers to all the questions.

11.4 – Is a distribution system (DS) a wireless network? Why or why not?

(List items a, b, c)










11.5 – List and briefly define IEEE 802.11 services.

11.6 – How is the concept of an association related to that of mobility?

Note: The WiFi Scanner in the readings (Netstumbler) may not work for all operating systems.  It’s recommended that you use one of the WiFi scanners listed above to complete this assignment, as opposed to the one noted in the stated problem set (Netstumbler).