BSA 412 Week 2 Learning Team eSoft System Model Preparation

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BSA 412 Week 2 Learning Team: eSoft System Model Preparation
Background: SoftWear Silhouettes is a rapidly growing mail-order house specializing in all-cotton clothing. Management would like to expand sales to the web by creating an e-commerce site. The company has two full-time systems analysts and one programmer. Company offices are located in a small, isolated New England town, and the employees who handle the traditional mail-order business have little computer training. The current website must be enhanced to add e-commerce capabilities, including a shopping cart and order processing system. The online system will be known as eSoft. Over the next 4 weeks, your team is responsible for creating the system model to address the eSoft business problem.

Resource:®: "Developing Project Requirements" with Terri Wagner

Provide a 350- to 700-word written description of the eSoft business model you would recommend, including a bulleted list of business requirements. A minimum of 10 strong (measurable, tangible, etc.) business requirements must be included.

Compose a functional decomposition diagram based on the list of business requirements.

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