BSHS 335 Week 2 Ethical Practice Brochure

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 BSHS 335 Week 2 Ethical Practice Brochure

Imagine your Learning Team has been asked to provide ethical consultation and support to a human services organization.

Prepare a 6-fold brochure detailing how your Learning Team would provide this support and consultation.

Use the Brochure Builder, Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or Visio® to help create your brochure.

Include the following in the brochure:




Overview of Ethical Standards in the Client-Human Services Professional Relationship.


Topics which may lead to ethical dilemmas.


Key ethical factors human service professionals must consider, such as identifying when informed consent has been provided, and the impact of duty to warn and duty to protect on a client’s right to confidentiality.


Resources available to human service professionals when they face ethical dilemmas.


Importance of proper client record storage and how to maintain confidentiality. 


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