PSY 225 Week 2 Subjective Wellbeing Shoebox


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PSY 225 Week 2 Subjective Wellbeing Shoebox

Week two readings have focused on the concept of subjective wellbeing.  You will be providing a visual representation of items that represent the people, places, and things that improve the quality of your life and bring you joy and happiness.  Try to incorporate both your professional/and or school and your personal life when you create your visual.

Your task is to find a box (usually the size of a shoebox or small package is ideal) and put items in it that represent your loved ones, your happy places, your joys, successes, dreams, wishes, etc. You must have at least 7 items in your box. If possible, take a picture of the contents of the box and upload it under the assignment files. If you want to share your box with other classmates, you can upload it to our Week two discussion and we can chat about them in that forum.

The actual written assignment is a word document that explains what each item is and what it represents.  Make sure your name is on the written description that you upload.  I’m giving a pass on APA for this written assignment only!!  You don’t need to work about formatting.  Just get your thoughts on paper.

For example, my box contains a few of the following items:




A postcard of the town to which I hope to retire (if it is still standing after Hurricane Florence this week!!!)


A small resin cat that looks just like my cat


A card from my nephew


A book from my best friend


A tea bag which contains my favorite kind of tea


A key to my motorcycle


A picture of me and my co-workers at a charity event



You must provide a description of the items in your box and how they contribute to your subjective wellbeing.  Gold stars and high fives for incorporating references to our textbook and electronic readings!