HCS 214 Week 1 Researching Medical Codes

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 HCS 214 Week 1 Researching Medical Codes

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Researching Medical Codes.

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Researching Medical Codes


You have accepted a job in a medical office. After your first day, you realize that they do not have updated copies of coding books. You have ordered the books but it will some time before they arrive. In the meantime, you research current codes using the Internet. 

Open your web browser and search for the following codes or medical descriptions listed. You may find it helpful to use the words such as ICD, ICD10, ICD10 conversion Code Search,and billing and coding codes to complete this task. 





After completing your web search, list four websites you may consider using for this activity. Discuss why you would choose to use these sites.



Based on the following sections, provide the code for the medical description or the medical description for the code. Remember to be specific about the codes and the description.





Identify the following medical terms for the provided codes:










































































Medical code
Medical description





Identify the following codes for the provided medical descriptions:










































































Medical code
Medical description
Other form of angina pectoris
Chronic adenoiditis
Unspecified Viral hepatitis without hepatic coma
Hypotension of hemodialysis
Elevated blood pressure reading without diagnosis of hypertension
Chronic gingivitis, plaque induced
Acute bronchitis unspecified