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HRM 326 Week 1 Needs Assessment

Before training is determined or designed, a training needs analysis should be considered to develop a root cause and systemic understanding of the training elements such as what needs to be trained, who needs to be trained, where is the training location, and how the training will be measured. Unless a needs assessment is adequately performed it may be difficult to rationally justify providing training.  A needs assessment will enable management to determine if training is the best solution for the performance problem or development need. A needs assessment can be a critical tool for any training department. The learner and the organizational needs will be considered during this process.  The objectives will be relevant and the outcomes measurable.

Use the Needs Assessment Template to create a needs assessment for the company.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

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HRM 326 Week 2 Learning Team Charter


In this course, your team will work together to complete a few assignments. This chartering assignment is designed to help you apply your project management skills to understand the scope of your project, then break the project into goals, tasks, responsibilities, resources, and milestones. The assignment also asks you to discuss and answer some questions that will lay the foundation for developing your project.

Beyond the Standard Charter

You will notice that this chartering process goes beyond your standard University of Phoenix Charter by helping your team create a project plan for team success by providing you with opportunities to define your deliverables, recognize the connections between the deliverables and other classroom activities, determine your timelines and milestones, identify each team member’s expected contribution, and answer questions that lay the foundation for building your projects.

Putting “I” in “Team”

Important to note is the section for defining learning team expectations related to participation, collaboration, communication, team contributions, assignment deadlines, and other considerations. Please take the time to discuss and document how your team will address each area and any challenges that may arise.  It is important to understand that we are “Putting ‘I’ in ‘Team'”. In short, we will recognize and reward individuals according to their contributions to team output, not according to their team membership. This means that individual grades may be different from the team grade depending on each individual’s contribution to each team deliverable.

Completing this Assignment

To complete this assignment, do the following:




Review the Charter and Project plan.


Review the weekly Learning Team deliverables.


Complete the provided Learning Team Charter and Project Plan, including the following: team member contact information, project by week, learning team expectations, team discussion questions.


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HRM 326 Week 2 Case Study

Review the Case Analysis “All it Takes is for Good Men to do Nothing” at the end of Chapter 10.

You are the training manager and have been asked to provide training to all employees as a result of the commission findings. What would you do? where would you start?

Prepare a 700 to 1025 word  Training Recommendation to Management. In making your recommendation be sure address these issues:




Training Needs Analysis – do you recommend one be carried out? Why or why not? If yes, who would you want to talk to?


Potential Training Content – Based on the case as presented, what knowledge, skills, abilities (KSAs) need to be trained?


Who is the Target Audience(s) for this training?  (Why has the commission insisted on training for the whole company when the problem is clearly only Mr. Pettipas?)


Change Management – For the training to be effective, what other things do you think need attention?


Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

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HRM 326 Week 2 Employee Assessment Case Study

During a global career succession assessment of leadership talent pipeline, a candidate was asked to complete a personality/behavioral tendency profile.  The candidate asked to speak to the program administrator about the validity of the assessment.  The assessment is based on first responses to  several sets of word values.  The instructions were to respond with first instinct to the set of words listed in several different categories.  The candidate stated that some of the words could have different interpretations based on values, beliefs, and cultural origin.  Therefore, the validity of the assessment could be biased in terms of results/outcomes. The program administrator removed the weighting of the assessment (not part of the overall assessment scoring) to be used for informational and team building purposes only.

Use the above information to answer the following in 700 to 1,050 words:




Analyze whether the candidate has a valid discrimination concern about the assessment.


Determine what EEOC regulations could potentially be at risk of violation.


Evaluate how the assessment could be altered so that it could still be used for the program.


Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

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HRM 326 Week 3 Training Evaluation

Training evaluations are important to determine if the selected training solution was effective and provided the appropriate return on investment.

Discuss as a team the last training program you attended (at work, school, other).

Select one of your team members’ experiences and design a training evaluation form.

Write a 525- to 700-word description of the training program.

Provide an explanation of how you would evaluate the training program.

Include what you are specifically measuring, the timeframe, a description of the evaluation form, and how it will appropriately measure the training solution.

Include at least one weakness and one threat with a substantive explanation of the risks.

Create a one-page training evaluation form.

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your write-up and the training evaluation form in one document.





HRM 326 Week 4 Job Aid




 Createa one-page job aid that can be used to improve performance for a job within your organization.  Please see the resources listed in the Tips for examples.  In real life these days most job aids are online (not a piece of paper) that can be accessed during calls on a computer or on a tablet out on a job site.  For this class, you can build a job aid as a one page Word doc or a one slide PowerPoint doc. or maybe in an Excel doc.  It is up to you.






 Describehow you would implement the Job Aid (500 – 700 words):





Assess how it will be deployed – distributed to all staff? integrated into computer screens to support a process? distributed as part of a training course?


Determine if staff will need training in order to use the job aid.  If so, what sort of training?


Evaluate whether or not there is a change management component to roll-out of the job aid.


Summarize what employees will be able to do as a result of use of the job aid.


Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your job aid.

Here are some tips for this assignment.

Job aids such as checklists, worksheets, and performance support tools can be provided to employees based on the results of a task analysis to identify activities and decisions needed to complete a procedure. Job aids can be chosen to help employees complete the procedure, and training can be provided to teach employees how to use the job aid.

To complete the assignment – create a one page job aid and then document how it will be used.

There isn’t much in the text about developing job aids – They are mentioned briefly in Chapter 4 and specifically in 4-5 Training in Action Training is Not Always the Answer. Also mentioned in 8-2 Training in Action Training in a Small Business.

Here is a quick guide that you can find online — this is a great starting point for the assignment. If you read nothing else, read this:

Be sure to consider the purpose of the job aid and pick ONE of these formats (see




step by step




form to be completed


decision table


flow chart




If you need more ideas:




Have a look at this instructional designer’s blog on when to build a job aid. It will stimulate your thinking and it is in practical language.


And here is a real Instructional Designer forum on building job aids:






HRM 326 Week 5 Executive Summary

Part I

Create a 350-word executive summary as a team outlining the reasons why a company of your choice should invest in a mentoring program.

Include the following in the summary:




Provide the needs analysis assessment and outcome for a mentoring program


Determine if the mentoring program will be formal or informal


When will the organization realize the return on the investment


Evaluate any legal considerations of the program


Conduct a SWOT analysis that will summarize the Benefits and Risks of a mentoring program


Determine how the program will be measured


Part II

Create three forms (175 words each):




Mentor and Mentee roles and responsibilities


Mentor first meeting check list and meeting guide


Mentee first meeting check list and meeting guide


Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Combine Part 1 and Part 2 into one document to submit for your final assignment.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.





HRM 326 Week 5 Development Plan

Create a 700- to 1,050-word development plan that includes the following:




Assess the legalities of training.


Determine whether the plan could offend any of the protected classes.


Evaluate whether you will use the plan as the sole weighting for promoting and determining the eligibility of employees for opportunity to move forward at work.


Conduct a cultural assessment of your terminology.


Consider the various aspects of EEOC.


Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

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HRM 326 Week 5 Development Plan (2)

Organizations need to have a pool of managerial talent to take on jobs from senior managers and new management jobs that may be created.  One way is to hire from outside, another way is to “grow your own manager talent pool” from within.

Create a 700 to 1050 word recommendation that describes how you will grow the manager talent pool at your organization.




How will you select candidates for your manager development program? For example:  select from existing staff or hire them in? How would you assess their potential so you know who to pick? For example: interviews, tests. What might you need to do so that you consider all potential candidates and do not unfairly discrimminate?


How would you develop these candidates and over what time period?  What different jobs/experiences should they have so that at the end of say 2-3 years they are ready for a management slot? What formal training might they need?


So after all the training and job experience, how will you assess who is ready to move up to the position of manager? Again, consider how you would make sure you individuals are chosen fairly and objectively.


What support should be provided to new managers to ensure their success?


Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your plan.