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ISCOM 473 Week 1 Procurement Article Analysis

The purpose of Week 1 is to become familiar with the world of procurement and current emphasis areas such as procurement strategy or strategic sourcing

Choose an article from a professional supply chain journal that focuses on Procurement Strategy

Write a 500- to 700-word summary of the article to include how the article content relates to your current organization’s procurement practices. Ensure your address what your organization can do differently based on the article. If no improvements are required, please address the world-class practices being used compared to the article.

Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level undergraduate class.

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Instructor Hints for Success: Journal examples to consideration might include Supply Chain Management Review, Government Procurement. On-line journals that may help include;,, American City & County’s Procurement Section, Supply Chain 24/7,, and Spend Matters, . If you stuggle to find an article for your analysis reach out to me for a suggestion. I want you to be successful. Please use the APA template for undergraduate Senior 400 series courses and the APA Writing and Style Guideline available from the Library for all your papers. These should be offered through the Academic Resources box on the right side of the e-Learning System. Additional references beyond our primary text for your academic analysis are not required.





ISCOM 473 Week 2 Insouring and Outsourcing Practices

Examine the value and supply chain of your team’s approved organization and provide a short initial analysis of your observations.

Use the organization approved by your instructor in Week 1 to review the current insourcing and outsourcing practices to produce the product(s) or service(s) offered. Include the following in your analysis:




The product(s) or service(s) offered and how it is used by the customer


The countries the organization operates in or sources supplies from (highlight the pros and cons of the company operating and sourcing overseas)


Describe the organization’s outsourcing practices


Describe the evaluation process to pre-qualify potential suppliers


Identify the declared expectations for suppliers such as quality, ethics and social responsibility


Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 8 to 10 slides with speaker notes that explains your findings to senior management. There is no no maximum slide count limitation. Integrate citations into your speakers notes. Dedicate the last page to your references to include your organization’s web pages used to support your analysis.  To support your recommendation(s) use your primary text and at least one outside reference. If your slides exceed 8-10 in number your team will not be penalized.

Format your PowerPoint notes section using APA concepts for your citations and reference page. Your cover slide should contain the same information as the cover page for an APA page.

Provide your references on the last PowerPoint slide.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Instructor Hints for Success:  Content is what is important, not fancy slides. Compare your observations to best practice or world-class recommendations within the procurement community. This comment applies to all team assignments — Within your team forum I will be looking for a collaborative discussion between team members on where this organization is compared to best practice or world-class organizations. Trying to assign sections and have a team member merge parts into a final product only results in an average effort. Simply restated, please discuss the issue or topic among yourselves in a small academic circle approach. Volumes of discussion is not required. I recognize your time is precious. My guidance is tied to a University goal is to prepare you for collaboration on a global scale.







ISCOM 473 Week 2 Sourcing Steps of Procurement

Choose your current organization or one with which you are familiar. You may also use the organization being examined by your team for the course if your organization or your experience cannot support the assignment.

Write in your own words a 700-word paper that assesses the steps of the sourcing process (or supply process as defined in our primary text) as it relates to your current organization or one you are familiar with.




Describe the organizational structures (centralized, decentalized, hybrid). Identify the organizational structure supporting the procurement process in your organization


Identify the steps in the sourcing process and discuss how each step of the sourcing process is performed


Address how the sourcing process can be improved within your organization


Format your paper according to APA standards for 400-level courses.

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Instructor Hints for Success: The supply process flowchart shared in Figure 4-2 of our primary text highlights the processes normally used in a commercial enterprise. Taking time to visit your purchasing staff will help with this assignment and the follow-on course assignments. Most organizations have their procurement practices or business rules documented for internal control purposes. There may be checklists available. The forms used for to the process, or the instructions for the procurement portion of the ERP system may enlighten you to the sourcing process for comparison to our primary text. Reference your organization’s sourcing guidance in your paper and use citations.





ISCOM 473 Week 3 Negotiation Strategies Paper

Examine a buying organization-supplier negotiation scenario that occurred using media articles or credible supply chain web sites. Do not use a labor agreement negotiation, a negotiation to settle a lawsuit or a company acquisition/merger for your scenario.

Prepare a 700-word paper in which you analyze the supplier negotiation scenario. Address the following in your paper:




Describe the supplier negotiation scenario and the parties involved.


Analyze the elements of negotiation(s) from our readings and discussions


Describe two (2)  negotiation strategies that would be appropriate for your scenario, and one (1)  inappropriate,


Define how the sourcing organization should prepare for the negotiation and how pricing strategy and cost estimates would be used in the preparation process.


Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level course.

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Instructor Hints for Success: Negotiations between two organizations to establish or refine a supplier relationship provide the ideal scenario for this assignment. For example, negotiations that occurred between Apple and its suppliers provide an excellent scenario. Based on the scenario and the culture involved, your research for the individual paper will help highlight the negotiation climate and cultural differences that were encountered and which negotiation strategies would be appropriate or inappropriate.  A minimum of three (3) references should be provided for this assignment and integrate citations into your paper’s narrative to support your academic work.





ISCOM 473 Week 3 Negotiating Across Cultures PowerPoint Presentation

Within your presentation:

Select two counties outside the United States, one in Asia and one in Europe, that perform manufacturing for business.

Research your selected countries and document it’s cultural and ethnic composition as well as the populations’ ethnic makeup, include percentages (for example: Malaysia Ethnic groups: Malaysian 50.2%, Chinese 24.5%, Indigenous 11.0%, Indian 7.2%, Non-Malaysian citizens 5.9 %, Others 1.2%).

Describe the cultural dimensions for your selected countries using Hofstede Institute’s Insights located at

Highlight the cultural and business etiquette differences of your selected countries

Describe the ethical challenges your corporate team may face with attempting to do business in these countries.

Define how your corporate team should prepare for negiotiations with businesses in the countries you have selected

Determine the a single negotiation tactic that would be most effective in reaching your objective with the cultures in your selected countries.

Point out one negotiation tactic should not be used with business in the cultures you have chosen.

Address how the other cultures might react in a negotiation when pricing or costs are addressed.

Clarify how your corporate team would prepare for negotiations prior to travel to the countries you have chosen.

Provide commentary about your slides in the notes area of the slide, integrating citations from your references in your commentary.

Provide your references in the last slide.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment

Instructor Hints for Success: The CIA World Book provides a great resource about the countries you have chosen. For addressing cultural differences, refer to: . For negotiation techniques and strategies refer to page 312-316 and 408-415 of our primary text. Provide at least three (3) references to include our primary text for this assignment. Use citations to support your academic analysis.





ISCOM 473 Week 4 Supplier Evaluation Case Review

Discuss this case with your team and submit a 1,000-word (minimum words) paper that includes:




Provide a summary and team assessment of the APC supplier evaluation program


What would be your supplier evaluation of Branco?


Are there any problems with APC’s requirements given to Branco?


What action should APC take with Branco and why?


Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level course.

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Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level course.

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ISCOM 473 Week 4 Supplier Evaluation and Contract Review

Read the case study of Rocky Plain Brewing Ltd and Gilpin Printing in Chapter 15 of Purchasing and Supply Management, pages 473-475.

Answer the following questions in your discussion of 700 words:




Explain what the Rocky Plains could have done to avoid a failed supplier relationship with Gilpin.


Explain the type of supplier performance and financial health measurements of Gilpin could have been used to identify issues before troubles occured between the organizations.


Address the factors that should be used to make the decision to switch suppliers.


Identify a potential plan to resolve the issues with Gilpin Printing.


Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level course.

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ISCOM 473 Week 5 e-Commerce Process

Use what your team has learned about the instructor approved organization chosen in Week 1, along with the information technology/ERP concepts described in Chapter 4 of our primary text.

Identify  the ERP, e-commerce and  e-procurement tools progressive companies use to manage their suppliers.  Point out how these tools are used by your chosen organization if this information is available to you.

Design/create a process map that reflects the Supply Process used by the company studied since week 1 and how Information Technology/Systems/ERP is used to support and improve the process. If you cannot create this process map from the information available concerning the company your team selected, use the Figure 4-2 from our primary text and declare the lack of this information from your chosen organization.

Address what information should be shared with the departments outside procurement.

Create a PowerPoint® presentation of 10 slides with speaker’s notes that discusses this process. There is no penalty for exceeding 10 slides.

Format your presentation according to APA standards for the cover slide and the slide containing your references. In your speaker notes use citations aligned with your references.

Provide your references in the final slide.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Instructor Hints for Success: Your presentation should integrate a supply process flowchart similar to Figure 4-2 of our primary text.  Reference your organization’s supply process by sharing the web pages that describe the concepts used. If a process map cannot be built from the information provided by your chosen organization use Figure 4-2 as a baseline to work with. If available, the ERP system used by your chosen organization with suppliers should be described along with the various e-Procurement and e-Commerce tools. If this information is not available, describe best practices/systems that could be used. Do not forget to define the how information is shared (would be shared) with business units outside procurement to support other business processes through interfaces or integrated data.





ISCOM 473 Week 5 Future Trends in Purchasing Paper

Based on current events and trends in the sourcing and procurement environment, address the future of procurement in the global economy. Address at least three (3) of the areas listed below in a 1,000-word forward looking paper. There are no bounds placed on your thoughts. You do not need to address all the areas below- only three (3) areas need to be addressed:




How technology is reshaping the art and science of procurement (examples- block chain technology, digital transformation)


Future trends in commercial or public procurement (public = local or state government or educational institutions)


Future trends in Department of Defense or Federal procurement


Challenges for procurement professionals faced with changes in the global economy (“island hopping”, near shoring, onshoring, etc.)


How current technology/ERP tools are evolving to support e-procurement and e-commerce (examples- ERP computing the cloud)


How the current Administration might reshape outsourcing overseas with its proposals such as changing trade agreements, and tariffs


Impact of withdrawing from NAFTA on Canada, Mexico, and the United States


Format your paper according to APA standards for a 400-level course.

Include at least three (3) references. Our primary text can serve as one reference. Use citations in your narrative to provide academic credibility.

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