MTH 214 Week 2 Learning Team Textbook Graphing Methods

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 MTH 214 Week 2 Learning Team Textbook Graphing Methods

Resources: Example Textbook Graphing Methods Worksheet and Textbook Graphing Methods Worksheet

Examine the different levels of K-8 elementary mathematics textbooks. Contact your instructor for assistance if you do not have access to textbooks.

Determine the different types of graphs and methods used to introduce them.

Complete the Textbook Graphing Methods Worksheet.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Textbook Graphing Methods Worksheet


Use the elementary school textbooks you selected to complete the following table. You must review at least one textbook from each of the following three grade ranges: Grades K–2, Grades 3–5, and Grades 6–8.


For example, you may review a book from Grades 1, 4, and 7 to meet the requirements of this assignment. If your sample textbook does not contain any of the graphs listed below, please indicate that as you complete the table.


Book Name
Picture Graph 


(How and when introduced)
Bar Graph 


(How and when introduced)
Line Graph 


(How and when introduced)
Circle Graph 


(How and when introduced)


(How and when introduced)