VCT 236 Week 1 Individual: Image Editing Portfolio – Part I

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VCT 236 Week 1 Individual: Image Editing Portfolio – Part I

Your favorite local photographer is hiring an image editor. In order to apply for the position, you need to build a portfolio showing that you have the skills needed for the job. Each week you will build on this project and the final portfolio is due in Week Five.

Select a copyright-free image from the Web that you want to use for your portfolio. Select one you consider to be designed well, but could use some basic editing for enhancement.

Open the image in Adobe® Photoshop® and save a copy of the original file. Next, perform the following basic photo corrections:




Adjust the resolution and image size as appropriate for the chosen image.


Straighten and/or crop the image for enhancement.


Adjust the color and tone as appropriate.


Sharpen the image as needed.


Enhance the image, using at least one photo restoration tool (e.g., healing brushes, clone tool, content-aware patch).


Save your final image.


Note: The final version of the image will be needed for your portfolio due in Week Five.

Create a 4-slide PowerPoint® presentation to compare the before and after images. Include the following:




The before image for which you performed basic photo corrections


Final image


Explanation ofthe changes you made to the image and how they enhanced the overall image


Citation ofthe image consistent with APA guidelines


Submit your presentation to the Assignment Files tab above.