EDU 305 Week 1 Key Theories of Development

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 EDU 305 Week 1 Key Theories of Development

Complete the Key Child Developmental Theories online activity.

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Key Theories of Child Development Worksheetusing the theories identified in the activity.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your activity and worksheet.

Key Theories of Child Development Worksheet


Part I

Complete the table below with information about the main theories identified in the Key Child Developmental Theories online activity.




































































Approach to Research (Research Design)
Components of the Approach
Historical Milestones of the Theory
Psychosocial Theory
Social Learning Theory
Cognitive-Development Theory
Sociocultural Theory



Part II

Select one or more theories from the table that you think most represents your own learning beliefs and style.

Choose one of the following options based on your chosen theory or theories:




Provide three examples showing how the theories are practiced in a classroom setting.


Design a basic classroom activity based on the theory or theories you selected.


Design a professional development activity based on one or more of the theories where you explain the importance of using these theories in the classroom to other teachers.


Write 200 to 350 words to complete the option you selected.