BSHS 445 Week 4 Interventions Case Study


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BSHS 445 Week 4 Interventions Case Study

For this assignment, you will choose a case related to sexual assault, family crisis, or personal loss. Given the background information in the textbook, you will take on the role of the crisis interventionist by assessing the situation, identifying the components of the crisis and determining interventions that would best fit the situation. Ensure that you are incorporating ethical and multicultural factors in your intervention.

Select one of the following Case Studies from the Crisis Intervention Strategies textbook:




Sexual Assault: “Intervention Strategies for Rape and Battery: The Case of Melody” in Ch. 9


Family Crisis: “Case Vignette” in Ch. 11


Types of Loss: “Separation and Divorce: Eric and Nancy” in Ch. 12



Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper addressing the following:




Describe the case you chose.


Examine the crisis components related to the case.


Examine what intervention strategies should be provided.


Recommend a strategy that could be implemented to promote change.



Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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