ENG 230 Week 4 Descriptive Modifiers

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 ENG 230 Week 4 Descriptive Modifiers

This week, you will select one of your previously submitted assignments to continue working on, adding more detailed content while sharpening and refining your grammar skills. Make sure you have incorporated any feedback from your instructor and carefully review and correct your assignment before adding the content as directed below.

Choose one of your papers from Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3.

Add content as follows:




Add descriptive modifiers to at least three sentences.


Add at least one sentence containing a properly punctuated quotation.


Add a list or series of three items written in parallel structure.


Review your paper to correct all grammar errors as follows:




Correct any misplaced or dangling modifiers.


Correct sentences with fragments, run-ons, or comma splices.


Display proper subject/verb agreement and verb tense consistency.


Review each sentence to ensure pronoun/antecedent agreement.


Correct any errors in word usage.


Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA or MLA guidelines set by your instructor in the course syllabus.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Grading criteria: Please see the rubric provided under Student Materials.