HRM 300 Week 2 HRM-Employment laws - presentation

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 HRM 300 Week 2 HRM-Employment laws – presentation

Each student will pick – or be assigned one HRM law – during week one. You will provide a 2-3 page summary describing the law, why it was required, its current effectiveness and at least one supreme court ruling on the law. The questions to be addressed are listed at the bottom of the law list. No PowerPoint required – but bring in 23 copies of your summary – as handouts. Presentation should be 5-8 minutes long and be able to explain and defend the law. May present at your desk – but must present it – DO NOT just read the summary to us. Your law will be due the week you are assigned, but you will submit it into week two assignment slot. See attached. Will have five students present each week. If you are absent the night you are to present, you can only get half credit – based on quality of your written summary. No make-ups allowed.